A message for the lads.

August 14, 2006 at 9:11 pm | Posted in nonsense | 7 Comments

I gave the link for my blog out to my friends today, so if any of you happen to be reading this:

I’ve got the Tourette’s thing going on for you. And yeah, I know, I’m shit at giving the finger.



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  1. Ba ha ha! Nutter.

  2. Wow you have the longest finger.

    Are you sure you are married? i mean uh hhuummm, I hope your appreciates that. But you do have 2 kids so I bet she does.

    came by way of CP’s blog. You kicked a kitten

  3. summer: You love it, muahahahahahah.

    softball slut: Howdy, thanks for popping in. Take a seat, here’s a cup of tea. I’ll show you some tricks with my lengthy digits.

    Alas for women across the internet, I am indeed married. But yeah, she appreciates it. 😉

  4. that is a weak finger dude. better work on that.

  5. duckie: I’ll do my best. I’ve hired Fred Durst and Kid Rock to give me lessons in how to look cool while giving the finger.

  6. talk to Dane Cook about that. He’s the master.

  7. I had to Google Dane Cook to find out who that was…I’m not up with all you crazy Americans.

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