*chorus of trumpetry heralds self-indulgent blah*

August 29, 2006 at 6:15 am | Posted in nonsense, tales of youth | 2 Comments

I did one of those things where you write loads of crap that nobody knows about you.

If you’re bored, it’s here.



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  1. Kewl list dude! #69 made me literally lol – then, I was a little afraid of you – then, after reading 101 I was okay again. I thought chess was just THAT important in the British Isles or sumptin’. (is that rude not to say Ireland and Scotland? I don’t want to be the average ugly Yank. (ha-ha, I actually said Yank as though you guys speak this way on a regular basis)

    anyway – I really like your page and I’ll be bock (I’m doing my Terminator imitation)

  2. Hi jali, welcome, cheers for stopping by!

    I’m glad #69 caught you out – I wanted to make at least one of them memorable!

    Oh, and just make sure you don’t go saying Ireland is in the British Isles – we get very offended about that. 800 years of oppression before we gained our independence, you know? 😉

    Believe it or not, alot of Irish (especially the older generation, or those from rural areas, aka boggers) do call you guys Yanks!

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