Stranger than fiction

September 6, 2006 at 8:45 am | Posted in nonsense | 7 Comments

One of the lads here just got a call from reception to let him know that Mr. Staines from Siemens is here to see him.

Jaysis, seriously. Of all the places a guy with his name could be working…


Edit: In a desperate bid to keep my few readers returning, I believe I have a workaround for the “BBB* not letting you comment” problem:

See this pic? If you choose your identity as “Other”, you should be able to leave a comment. And while I’m on it, why does nobody from home ever comment? I check my stats, fuckers. I can see your every move.

Just saying.

*Bastard Beta Blogger



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  1. I’m not sure why Mr. Staines would work for Siemens, but it sure is funny.

    I haven’t had any trouble commenting yet.

  2. I hate Blogger sometimes. We’re all here Kav, we just can’t always post. I don’t wanna be an “other”. That movie scared the shit outta me, dude! Drat! That’s my ADD acting up again – sorry.

    Glad you’re okay.

    This is my 2nd attempt. I guess I’ll follow your advice and be an other. jali

  3. I still giggling over that name …

    We had a guy that lived north of us growing up named Dick Dragger. Ha ha!

  4. I’m crossing my fingers that this goes through.

    It’s probably just me but, visiting here makes me feel a little blue.

    HAHAHA. I’m so good at making up jokes. I kill myself.

  5. yes….any old moose works well too…..jsut sign your name at the end…..

    pee shout

  6. Debbie: I think you’re the only one! I’m glad you’re able to.

    jali: LMAO, that freaked me out too, but I enjoy getting freaked out by films. The posting thing sucks, and it’s gonna be like that until everyone migrates to the beta version.

    HDW: Dick Dragger, I love it. Now that’s a porno name if ever I heard one!

    summer: Keep working on it. You’ll soon be as funny as me.

    dr2mb: pee? as in piss?

  7. no silly……peace out!…..if you listen as U say ….peeshout…its the same….

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