Modern technology, eh

September 7, 2006 at 8:32 pm | Posted in random | 10 Comments

Check out that Meebo lad over there under my profile. If you see me as being online, send me a message and we’ll have an oul blather.

You can set this up on your own blog too. Cool as fuck.

Update: This post looked a bit sparse, so here’s a picture of a bird taking a shite on a child:

Update #2: Modern technology’s a load of oul cack. The page was taking too long to load so I took Meebo off again. Sure, I’m on Gmail if you want to chat anyway.



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  1. Thank GOD you posted that picture.

    Otherwise, I was gonna talk major shit.

    Just sayin’.

  2. Jeez. I read Laurie’s comment as “take a major shit”. I need a drink … happy hour, anyone?

  3. Oh holy shit. That’s funny.

  4. Poor little shitty baby.

  5. Damn the bloggers!! THat would piss me off

  6. Good lord, man! I take a few days off and your blog has completely changed! WTF?

    Hilarous picture, by the way.

  7. Please define “oul blather”, Kav. To me, it sounds like the name of a pompous local news anchorperson from Pueblo, Colorado.


  8. Testing this bitch out…

  9. I like your new banner.

    I like that you are continuing with your ‘poo’ theme. THis time involving animals & kids. Funny.

  10. Laurie: Hot dang, don’t you be starting shit on my turf.

    HDW: Sounds good to me. Let’s get fluthered*.

    Debbie: Yes. Yes it is. 😉

    jali: Stupid kids make me laugh.

    ss: It’s seriously wrecking my head. I keep snarling at my monitor.

    Howard: You’ve got to keep up with the times, man. I’ve got the blues** for the moment.

    DD: “oul blather” is colloquial Irish slang for “a bit of a chat”. I like your interpretation though.

    fyrchk: It’s working! Hooray!

    summer: Thankee kindly, ma’am. 🙂


    **but not in a sad way

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