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Before I begin, I should point out that I won’t really kill your whole family if you don’t vote for The Swearing Lady (see link, right), but I will maim them so badly that they’ll be unrecognisable to you. You know what you have to do.

Being serious for a moment, here are some facts: The Swearing Lady is an excellent writer. She has actually written books, so she’s miles ahead of most would-be authors (myself included). She has the amazing ability of being able to take some little quirk of local culture, or her own personality, and expand on it to make her points resonate on a national (and sometimes international) scale. What’s incredible is, she does this without isolating her audience, and with her wicked sense of humour well and truly intact. All she wants is to become a hugely successful millionaire best-selling author, and when you consider how much complete shit there is out there, she more than deserves this. However, she needs the recognition necessary for the fickle publishing types to take note of her, and a blog award surely wouldn’t hurt her cause.

So I say: vote for her. It’ll only take you a couple of minutes. You have until 26 January.

Here’s who I’m voting for in the Irish Blog Awards. Be assured that these blogs are all excellent and worthy of your time (especially the Best Personal Blog nominee).

Best NewcomerThe Swearing Lady

Best BlogThe Swearing Lady

Best Blog PostThe Swearing Lady for any of the following:
How To Be Irish
How To Be Irish, Part Two
Sorry for your trouble
Where do you get your smoke from?
Road Safety and What We Can’t Do About It

Most Humorous PostTwenty Major for any of the following:
Careful with that
Evil is Coming
Some bloggers are like JR Ewing
Once upon a time
Pick it up

Best Contribution to the Irish BloggersphereDamien Mulley

Best Arts and Culture BlogThe Sigla Blog

Best Political BlogPolitics in Ireland – not a blog, but an aggregator. Definitely the easiest way of reading politics stories from back home, so it wins for me.

Best Group BlogIn Fact, Ah

Best Personal BlogThis one, of course.

Best Designed BlogUnlaoised – Gerry’s new blog is in its infancy, but it’s one of the few I read that doesn’t seem to be a standard template, so points for that. Plus, he has a unique blogroll that makes a pleasant change from the text-based links you usually get. See?

Best Specialist BlogIrish KC for all things Irish in Kansas City.

Best Music Blognialler9

NEW ADDITIONS: Best Podcast Twenty Major for either of the following:
Pizza delivery in Dublin
Dirty Dave and the Church of Scientology

Best Podcaster Twenty Major

I haven’t got anyone to vote for in any of the following categories, so if you have any recommendations, let me know: Best Use of the Irish Language in a Blog, Best Videocast , Best Technology Blog/Blogger, Best Sport & Recreation Blog, Best News/Current Affairs Blog, Best Photo Blog, Best Business Blog.

By the way, ANYONE can nominate/vote. As long as the blog itself has at least a tenuous Irish connection, you can vote for it and it doesn’t matter whether you’re from Balintubber, Sydney or Lesotho*.

*locations used to emphasise potential geographic diversity of voters. It’s not a requirement to be from these places.



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  1. Just one question—Does one have to be Irish to vote?

  2. No sassy, anyone can nominate/vote. As long as the blog itself has at least a tenuous Irish connection, it’s fine.

  3. Thanks kav for your kind words and nomination. 🙂

    One small confession: the layout is designed off a template, but it’s quite easy to customise. I also use a blog mechanism that few others use, called Rapidweaver. (I don’t know of any other Irish blogger using it.) So that makes it a bit different from the standard Blogger/Wordpress/Typepad etc templates.

  4. You say to vote for the Swearing Lady, but she’s never visited my blog, nor submitted a Blunt Cogs script, so I’m afraid I’ll be forced to vote for you.

    Or Fatmammycat.

    Then again, Bock has made me laugh a few times too

  5. What the fuck is blunt cogs? I know it’s something to do with fatmammycat’s itchy fanny, mind.

    Kav, you ride, you.

  6. I’m going to go vote – YOUR blog needs to be noted as one of the best – does it still count as an Irish blog?

  7. Done. The Swearing Lady got my vote for best Irish blog. Now leave my family the fuck alone. Except my insane uncle.

  8. Can I donate my vote to some little orphans please – they surely need it more than you or swearing lady

  9. My parents are totally dead.

  10. Thank you.

  11. Even though I don’t know what shes on about half the time (very Irish) she got my vote because
    A. I like her and B. you told me to.

    As for the rest they can fuck off or come to my blog and beg for my vote which will only cost a kind word, a link and their soul, Irish huh, no souls to be had there.

    Does doing a post about Johnny adair being gay qualify me to enter?

  12. gerry: No problem at all. I wouldn’t have a clue about the techie bits behind it, but I did know it was different than most.

    kim: Bock, fatmammmycat and myself are all excellent choices (especially me), but The Swearing Lady needs it; we just want it. Everyone knows how vital blog awards are on the CVs of aspiring authors.

    sweary: You dirty gedal – not on the blog, I told you before.

    jali: Yes, it still counts as long as I don’t surrender the oul Passport to the Brits. And thanks.

    sassy: Thank you. That uncle of yours, his name wouldn’t be knudsen, would it?

    sid: The Swearing Lady needs it more than any fuckin orphan. What would an orphan want with a blog award? He’d have nowhere to put it.

    sweary: That’s feckin terrible. Terribly good.

    colm: Not at all, you’re welcome. Surely you lads have that one sewn up?

    old knudsen: It allows you a free pass to enter the rectum of another man of your choice. That’s about it. And good man, thanks for doing that.

  13. You’re very good – although having read the 101 things about you, you’re also very bad. (But because I read all 101 things, you’re not quite as bad as we thought).

    Anyway, I’ve already notified the world – or Kansas City at least – that Sweary Lady has my overall vote this year, and before your threats even. Call it anticipation.

    Have you considered Twenty’s Dirty Dave podcasts for best individual podcast?

  14. Eolaí: Good man. I’ve never seen any podcasts on twenty’s site – have you a link?

  15. Kav, I voted your 101 things for a best blog post and I voted Sweary for best blog.

  16. Kav,

    Here’s the one about Scientology

    If you throw ‘podcast’ into that search thing on the blogspot to nav bar when on his site, it’ll bring up the pizza one aswell

  17. I’m 1/2 Irish. Can i be in the running?

    No? Fuck you then ya tosser!

  18. I knew a Sydney Balintubber once, what a cunt. I’m going to enter you Kav, not in any category except the category of excess lube.

  19. Sorry sweets, but without an adequate bribe, I’ll be forced to vote for you, and my other shag, Mr Major. Of course if this swearing lady were to offer me sexual favours……..:P

  20. annie: That’s very kind of you. Thanks.

    eolaí: Brilliant. Thanks. I wasn’t reading twenty back then. In fact, I wasn’t even blogging when he did that one.

    duckie: In all seriousness, if you have any sort of Irish connection at all, Damien will probably allow you to enter. Nobody will vote for you though.

    old knudsen: That’s my favourite category! Thanks.

  21. steph: Send your votes to The Swearing Lady, and the videotape of your sexing to me.

  22. and thanks, by the way.

  23. woooo… thanks Kav! wake up ya eejit!

  24. Any further up those people’s asses and you’d be seeing their nostrils.

  25. niall: Nae bother. Tis a grand site you have there.

    dario: Don’t be such a begrudging cunt. It might be your name up in lights next year.

  26. Nice selection , but you forgot about us for ‘Best Technology blog‘ 🙂

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