Lazy blogging – you do the work.

January 18, 2007 at 11:20 am | Posted in David Beckham, George Best, gorgeous irish models, Pele, sexy footballers | 22 Comments

Seeing as I’m a biteen sick and can’t muster up the energy to blog, here’s an old picture of me I found. Your job is to caption it. The best I’ve got so far is “Minky looking young lad standing in rural location with jacket over his head attempts to control football”, but I’m looking for something a bit snappier. Something like “Cuntheaded child kicks the cunt out of cunting ball”, or some such.



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  1. You can’t be so sick that you can’t blog, surely? Truculent Horse said last week that she was “too sick to blog”. Or maybe it’s like being drunk and blogging, you say all kinds of things you don’t mean.

    Well, get well soon.

  2. Ah, duly noted. I changed the title to “Can’t be arsed blogging”.

  3. Look at sick time as the opportunity to watch wonderful daytime television. (I watch all the stupid judge shows all day whenever I’m sick)

    What’s the standard weekday TV fare where you are?

    Hope you feel better soon.

    (Poor Linzie)

  4. eh…suck it up princess.

  5. “Help! There’s an alien lifeform trying to suck the fluff out my bellybutton!”

  6. “Waiting for his ball to drop.”

    That’s one gargantuan teste there.

  7. “Look no hands – and no hata either!!”
    Hope you’re better soon, Kav.

  8. Galway Boy Rejected By Parents as Mystery Growth Baffles Dublin Doctors.

  9. Young boy confused by alien life form flying out of his body.

  10. “Ha! I Taught That Prick Blaine All He Knows”

    “Jackets On Yer Heids Lads!” Yet Another Schoolboy Fashion Statement That Failed To Take Off

    “Galway Schoolboy Lands On Moon: Plays Keepie Uppy”

  11. Oddly jacketed young man stares blank-faced just before ball slams into nuts. Side step, boy! Side step!

    Wait. Is that just hovering there?

    Local boy unleashes telekinetic power on hapless soccer ball.

  12. Last weeks “Spot The Ball”. Won by Mr. Ranjit Patel of Bradford.

  13. “Eminem — Not the only sad white bastard in a tracksuit.”

    “I’m the kind of sorry fecker that wears sunglasses, even though there’s no sun in Ireland.”

    “I may not be ugly, but me ma still dresses me funny.”

    “Erection? What erection?”

  14. “Then this one tin whistle camp…”

  15. Great stuff everyone. I particularly laughed at Devin’s “Then this one tin whistle camp…” and Eddie’s “Last weeks “Spot The Ball”. Won by Mr. Ranjit Patel of Bradford.”

    They were funny because they were true.

  16. Kav has one big white ball!

  17. soccer playing youth models latest line in vagina look-a-like tracksuit tops !

  18. “They said I might get hairy palms, but nobody ever said nothin’ about this !

  19. “My ball’s about to drop”

  20. Ichabod Kav laughed as he played with the hessian. ‘Fuck you ya geman twat’ he screamed gleefuly, forgetting for a moment he was standing up to his shins in muck.

  21. You folks and your madcapcaptions. Splendid.

  22. Boy kicking ball kicks up a goat in a tea cup!!!

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