February 7, 2007 at 10:16 pm | Posted in boat, family, garage base, photos | 3 Comments

You may have read that I spent much of last week preparing a base for a garage I’m putting in next to the house. I can’t tell you how much fun this was:

but you can probably just about make out the grin on my face.

The next bit was awkward though – I had to get the site inspector out to monitor my work and make sure I was complying with all necessary building regulations. I was shiting myself about this bit:

After a solid week’s work, this is as far as I’ve gotten:

Believe it or not, it took six hours’ work just to get that wooden frame square and level. This is important to me, because you get a great sense of satisfaction from it when you finally get it right. I understand that 90% of people will not share this enthusiasm.

This is the reason I am building a garage:

The boat is almost 25 years old and was built by my grandad and dad. It was one of many they made back at the height of their business in the early ’80’s. This one was sold to an old friend of my grandad. He died a few years ago, and I bought the boat off his family; they had no interest in keeping it. It’s to my great shame that it has lain there for almost five years untouched. It’s kind of an heirloom, and means a lot to me. The garage will allow me to get it restored to its former beauty.

And finally, despite being the whitest little white girl around, my baby girl appears to be developing an Afro:



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  1. How did you get it over to Scotland, Kav?
    Any news?

  2. good picture

  3. mairéad: The first company I worked for in Scotland paid for my relocation, which included the cost of bringing the boat! I was extremely fortunate.superstar: Thanks. Which one?

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