Well, it’s Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2007 at 2:47 pm | Posted in arguing, valentine's day | 19 Comments

Lately, Linzi and I have been arguing like two dissimilar species of animal (for example, cats and dogs). For no apparent reason, at least none that either of us can put our finger on. I can’t be arsed with any of this romantic bullshit today. I went to bed before her last night and left the house this morning without saying anything to her. (She was asleep.) I have an hour left before I leave work.

I bet I cave and buy flowers I can’t afford on the way home.



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  1. I got here through my Technorati linkages. I’m not magic or anything.

    Actually, I am. Hoho!

  2. This must horrify you, fearing change as you do…?

  3. Buy her a single rose…a black one. To reflect your mood like.

  4. Have you been running this since the middle of last year, or have you found an easy way to import all your old blog posts?

    If you remind me at a time when I have more time, I’ll change the links on the Blunt Cogs and my site.

    And buy her the bloody flowers Kav. Tesco has an offer of a dozen red roses for £6 on at the moment, so you’ve no excuse.

  5. So you’ve abandoned Blogger, eh? Good for you. I’ve been interested in trying this, but I’m too cheap.

    You really should buy her flowers. If you don’t, you’ll be fighthing like vicious attack aliens from the fifth dimension. And that could get ugly.

  6. Buy her the shaggi’g flowers, and then you can get to – shagging.

    Would love to change to wordpress, but that takes time and effort which I don’t have.

  7. You’ll know you’ll buy the flowers Kav, because you know your life will be unbearable if you don’t!

  8. Tell me you bought the flowers. Kav, tell me you bought the flowers!! That is NOT caving, by the way. That is called seeing reason (and hoping for some jigacting later… 😉

    ps what’s with the global grief with Blugger?

  9. buy her the shaggin’ flowers – then get to shagging. Isn’t that the whole point of arguing ? 😉

  10. Did you buy the flowers? You’ll probably be in big ‘troub’ if you don’t.

    Yes Blogger is cheap and nasty, WordPress is, as Beck would say, where it’s at.

    Blogrolled your your new home too.

  11. Arrrfgh, why is EVERYBODY abandoning blogger?!

    And buy the flowers.

  12. I say don’t get her the flowers. Because the love between you is better than that.

    And let me know how that line goes down, should you trot it out.

    Oh – and I think your new choice of a wordpress home is nicer than Twenty’s. Good move.

  13. Excellent move coz blogger blows big time. This site looks amazing! I likey a lot.
    So, was it flowers or the fake poo?

  14. I actually quite like blogger.

    Anyways, fuck flowers. Not literally, though. Myself and The Swearing Gent sat in and watched the Wicker Man tonight (new version: great comedy), argued, now I’m here writing on your blog.

    Oh waily.

  15. you should get her some crotchless panties. It’s a user friendly gift.

  16. Congrats on the new site, Kav. Baby blue suits you.

    I’ve updated my links.

    Jayzez, it’s getting like Ireland in the 80’s. Everyone’s leaving the old blogsod.com.

  17. I’m hungover…

    The Wicker Man drove me to drink.

  18. Lovely new site. Please buy the flowers but suggest yellow or pink roses, less obvious. Best of luck today in the votes.

  19. Pick yer brains, Kav. WebMon is throwing up what I think are false-positives for your new site. Have you been poking around the site this morning? Adding links or whatever.

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