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Well, seems a few of you found the new blog – thanks for stopping by. Too busy for a post right now so here’s some answers to your comments.

I bought flowers. Tulips, as it happens. Tulips have a special meaning to Linzi so major points were scored there. See also: the underwear I bought in La Senza.

Before you say anything, I’m not a sucker. When I got home, there were candles lit and a special dinner was made and I got a box of Lindor and a home-made Valentine’s card from my girls, so I would’ve looked a total piece of shit if I’d shown up empty-handed.

See, swallowing your pride practically guarantees a shag.

Comments answered:

Flutt: Red tulips. Black roses are awful hard to come by, you know.

Kim: No, there’s a tool in WordPress that uploads all your Blogger stuff automatically. I had to run it three times to capture everything, but apart from that it’s pretty good.

Sassy: You can be as cheap as you like – WordPress is free. It only costs money if you want to go playing about with CSS, or add a domain, and even then it’s very cheap – only $15 a year.

John: It took me three days of messing about. If you’ve only got an hour, you’ll pick up most of what you need to do.

Voice of Treason: Damn glad I did mate!

Conan: I did, I did, and the jigacting was worth caving for. Blogger’s been annoying me for ages – poor interface and very restricted in terms of the control you have over your own site.

Sinéad: I did indeed! Thank you for the link.

Annie: See Conan. 😉 Flowers purchased. Great value.

Eolaí: Thou art a braver man than I.

Gaijin girl: ‘Twas a close call, but the flowers won out over the poo. Just.

Sweary: Curses. Lucky for us, we got all the arguing out of the way in the week leading up to that Hallmarkiest of Hallmark holidays.

Primal: Thanks. I know, it’s like re-emigrating. And yes, I’ve been doing a bit of work in the background, so you will probably get a bunch of false positives. Sorry ’bout that, but it has to be done.

irishflirtysomething: I went for red tulips. Red tulips were the first flower I gave her when she moved to Ireland back in 2000. You can’t say that’s not romantic. Swish.



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  1. Nah, dood. Arguments are brilliant. Can’t you tell I love them? I thrive on them! I breathe them!

    Today it’s probably Flutt’s turn to be fucked off with me. I just left a snotty comment on her Bebo page… 😉

    Sounds like you had a good one after all. I’m happy for you, you old sap.

  2. Sappy like a fox.

    I demand to see flutt’s Bebo page!

  3. Hoor ay!! Well done the man!

  4. Hurrah that you’ve abandoned Blogger – I find it a total PITA.

    I spent my Valentines Night listening to a presentation by some developers who wanted to show us what they are going to do with a derelict 10 acre site in the middle of Lancaster.


  5. Ask her yourself, you stalker!

  6. Yeeehaw!

    looby, I know. The only thing that annoys me about WordPress is the lack of javascript availability for the free version. None of my tracking thingys work!

    Sweary, I just may. That would put the cheese amongst the fajitas.

  7. Nice, I like your new digs.

  8. I’m glad you bought the beautiful tulips! Great to hear you had a nice evening.

  9. Fek ya anyway, Kav. I’m supposed to be working on an assignment. (Started at 02:00 this morning and not done yet). And what am I doing? Yeah. You got it first time. Playing with WordPress.

  10. Oh, and did you manage to import the ‘Blogroll’ or did you have to re-enter them manually?

  11. Hey Kav. Well done on making the move. It’s something we should all do, but Jesus, the thought is scary, especially for a technoramus like myself. What to do, already?

    When you get a break from the shagging and the blowjobs, you might take time to write a bit of an idiot’s guide. What do you reckon?

  12. Everybody should be on WordPress. Sweary, Blogger is your first love, we understand, but dump him, you’ll be a better person.

    Oh and Kav, on the flowers and card business I’m not a total sociopath. I shouldn’t do this but anyway, here goes.

    In the year in which there was the greatest pressure on me to get and give said card and flowers I vowed not to, and announced as much beforehand. That didn’t go down very well but I kept to my guns for I hated the routine of it all.

    So instead I did something else. A monumental work-through-the-night affair that was received very well, and then a few years later I turned into a blog post (naturally). Written when I was really anonymous, you can read it here:

    St Valentine’s Day Tip in 21 Steps

  13. Done and dusted. I’ve officially joined WordPress. Man, is it sweeter to work with than blogspot!

  14. […] to say, I miss the train. However, this gives me plenty of time to go and find the tulips and underwear. I make bloody sure I go to the ATM first though. It’s cold hard cash for me from now on. […]

  15. FMC: Thankee ma’am.

    jali: Yeah, I was glad I bit the bullet. Would’ve been a baaaad night if I hadn’t.

    Primal: Seems to have gone well for you, good man. The blogroll/links list move was manual, and was by far the longest part of the process. I was trying to import it using and OPML file, but it wouldn’t pick it up.

    Bock: I’ll se what I can do. I might just do a quick few lines over the weekend to say how I did it – seriously, there’s little to it at all. You’ll have no problems with it. The only annoying thing is that you can’t run javascript on the free version, therefore the little tracking things like Statcounter don’t work.

    Eolaí: That’s a great post – high black comedy there. It took me a bit to figure out the tone, which is always a good thing. I was relieved, you see. 😉

  16. I had to do the blogroll manually too, Kav. At least the new blogspot import worked fine – got all the comments over first time. Other folks have reported trouble with this the last few weeks.

    It took hours though for the avatar to go live.

    Oh, and I sussed the false positives WebMon was throwing up for your site – It was the visitor counter. I have it set now to stop searching just before the StatCounter code.

    Thanks to you and everyone who recommended WP. It’s a dream to use. Now, I’d better get back to my assignment.

  17. This is just a test to see if my avatar is working now. Delete this comment, Kav … I am using you as Guinnea Pig. (I never used an image before. Never bothered me. But the fact I can’t get something to work right really bugs me).

  18. Hey! It works now!

    Sorry for using you, Kav. You can delete this, and the previous post.

  19. Don’t worry Shneezy, I’ve been used in worse ways than that.

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