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February 15, 2007 at 4:49 pm | Posted in Irish Blog Awards, irishblogawards, votes | 18 Comments

Behold! After much deliberation, I nominated these folks for the 2007 Irish Blog Awards:

Best Blog
Arse End of Ireland. You’d be forgiven for thinking I’m biased for nominating a fellow Galwegian, but a glance at her blog will tell you why I’m not alone in thinking she’s the hottest shit to hit the streets of Blogland since Twenty Major started sticking it to the man. Hot shit is a good thing, by the way.

Best Blog Post
Where do you get your smoke from? I’ll say no more on this young wan. She’ll float off if her head swells any bigger.

Most Humorous Post
Countdown to Next Election. Despite objecting to being labelled as a wannabe by Brenda Power (Irish journalist) for commenting on his blog, I must admit there are few who come close to this man’s (or woman’s, who knows?) ability to induce snot-splattering laughter with those incisive observations.

Best Photo Blog
Red Mum. Discovered Red Mum via the awards longlist. Great photography, and the posts are excellent too.

Best Arts and Culture Blog
Sinéad Gleeson. A great blog full of all the cultural stuff that I am too damn uneducated to know about. Interspersed with personal posts that give you a wee glimpse into her life, Sinéad recently announced her pregnancy, something made even more special by the stuff she’s had to go through over the past few years. Go read.

Best Political Blog
Irish Election. One-stop shop for all Irish politics stuff.

Best Group Blog
In Fact, Ah. A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Whether it’s fluff or serious bidness they’re tackling, these lads are always entertaining.

Best Personal Blog
Annie Rhiannon. Dry. Witty. Self-deprecating. Just like a good bottle of wine. I love me some Annie.

Best Contribution to the Irish Bloggersphere
Tom Raftery. I discovered Tom’s blog during my scan of the Blog Award nominees. Hugely knowledgeable, and has a great ability to communicate techy stuff in a way that doesn’t scare off the not-so-savvy. A great source of shiny new info and linkage too.

Best Tech Blogger
Tom Raftery For reasons outlined above.

Best Designed Blog
Unlaoised. Gerry seems like the kind of lad you could happily have a pint and a blather with in real life (while complimenting him on his new(ish) blog).

Best Sport and Recreation Blog
In Fact, Ah. Comprehensive and amusing analysis and speculation.

Best News/Current Affairs Blog
Skin Flicks.
For once, I’m not bored out my skull when reading about Northern Irish politics. That’s a compliment, JC. Honest.

Best Specialist Blog
Irish KC. King of deadpan, blink-and-you’ll-miss-the-joke comedy, Eolaí never fails to make me laugh. Okay, the KC info is useless to me, but I reckon if I lived there, his site would be like a bible. Except I would read it.

Best Newcomer
Bock the Robber. Take a browse through this lunatic’s archive. Bock is the ranter’s ranter, and he knows that I mean that in the best possible way. With his prolific output, you’re bound to find something to make you snort with laughter.

Best Business Blog
Argolon. Because I like Conor.

Best Music Blog
Nialler9. Niall’s a fecker, in that he makes me feel old, because I remember when I used to know all the latest bands and such. Seriously though, his passion for music really shines through and that’s what makes his blog a must-read.

Best Podcast
Scientology. Little-known blogger Twenty Major is the funniest fucker around, regardless of the medium.

Having said all this, I’d like to point out that the real winner here is me, for discovering so many fantastic blogs this year.

Heh, I’ve been waiting for ages to say that line. Good luck to all the nominees. Especially me.



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  1. Thanks Kav. Maybe when I move back to Ireland I’ll live in Galway and then you can see how useful my bible really is.

    I had the Best Personal as a close call between yourself and Annie. Good luck so. Wear a kilt at the Awards.

  2. *floats away*

  3. Where’s Knudsen?

    Doesn’t he get points for being half-Oirish?

    Make up a separate category for him.

  4. Thanks mate. Now if only people could pronounce it and not confuse it with Lord of the Rings. Never name your company when drunk. “What did you say you wanted to call your company?” “Arrrrrrrrgh Go On”. “Oh OK, Argolon it is”

  5. Thanks for telling me you moved, fucker.

  6. nice selection

  7. Wow, So many people pissing off to wordpress. I might too if i can be arsed that is.

    You Oirish really take your awards seriously don’t ya?

  8. Thanks Eolaí. I’d love to be going but don’t think I’ll make it.

    Sweary, get back here. *ties a string to your leg*

    MJ, I already had my winners picked in the categories Old Knudsen was nominated in before I even knew he was nominated. I’m sure he’ll be fine about it. We have a mutual understanding: I think he’s a crazy old cunt, and he agrees.

    Conor: Ha! Hadn’t thought of that until you posted it. Perhaps you should use it in your marketing strategy rather than trying to avoid it…

    Cindy, what did you want, a personalised invitation? I had over 60 dang blogs to switch over, dammit. Here, have a bit of my lad, that’ll keep you happy for weeks.

    Thanks Simon, and welcome.

    Steph, if you need a hand, feel free to give me a shout. To be honest, being out of the country means I (foolishly) feel a bit left out of the whole awards excitement. It’s a good awards setup though – I haven’t seen anything to match it yet.

  9. I voted! (the “vote or die” slogan still echoes in my head.)

    I believe I’m backing a winner!

  10. Thank you jali, for coming back and for the vote. My other commenters seem to have jumped ship since I switched blogs, the feckers.

  11. Wow. That’s high praise indeed, Kav. Because the good Lord knows Northern Irish politics bores the complete hole off of me!
    Cheers, mucker!

  12. Kav, thanks a million for the kind words and the votes.

    Ihave discovered loads of new blogs through this process as well. Kudos to Damien for organising it.


  13. Thanks for your vote, blogchum.

    And for your amusement, here’s the MSN convo I had with my best friend (who is not very bloggy) the other day:

    BF: I voted for your blog, and for Kav’s too.
    AR: Really? Great, thanks. Didn’t realise you read Kav’s blog too.
    BF: Yeah, seems he’s your cousin.
    AR: Eh? Kav’s not my cousin.
    BF: Oh! Who is he then?
    AR: Dunno, just some random bloke off the internet.
    BF: But you know him, right?
    AR: No, never met him in my life.
    BF: I thought he was your cousin!

  14. JC: No problem, best of luck with it.

    Tom: Yeah, he’s some man. Don’t know how he puts up with all the bitching.

    Annie: Classic! Is that perchance the reader who goes by the name “lupa”? I’m racking my brain to discover how that conclusion was drawn but I’m drawing a complete blank. Or should that be blonk?

  15. BF comments as “Cathy” — AKA The Most Beautiful Girl in the School. I think she got confused because I once emailed her to say that my cousin from Galway contacted me via my blog and she had a quick look and just presumed I meant you.

    Lupa is someone else who I also love

  16. Muchly thanks, you’re so good. Any chance you’ll make it along on the night? It was very drunken last year from what I can remember and as I said to Fatmammycat, I need someone to drink my body weight in gargle for me seeing as I’m on the dry.

  17. Annie: Oh, it’s TMBGITS…well Cathy, thanks very much for voting, and I hope you still pop in now and then even though Annie’s outed me. 🙂

    Sinéad: ‘Fraid not, though I would definitely like to go. Two small kids and a big wedding back in Galway this summer means my finances won’t stretch to a brief weekend at home for the blog awards. Having said that, if I was shortlisted, I’d probably be dying to go!

  18. I love MJ and yes I am a a crazy old cunt.

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