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February 18, 2007 at 1:46 am | Posted in blogging, switching from Blogger, switching to Wordpress from Blogger | 17 Comments

Here’s a five-step guide to switching from Blogger to WordPress, should you be so inclined. Bock asked for this the other day, to help technolepers such as himself retain all their limbs in the transition. Have no fear, it’s easy.

WordPress is free to use, and is far more user-friendly than Blogger. Also, you don’t get any of the pain-in-the-hole glitches of Blogger, like swallowing posts/comments you’re working on.

  • Go here and sign up. Make sure you select the “Gimme a blog” option. Activate the account via the email address you provide.
  • Log in here and then change your password to something you’ll remember. The interface is very user-friendly.
  • Click on “Manage” on the uppermost toolbar, then click “Import” on the toolbar that appears below this. Select the option to import posts, comments, and users from a Blogger blog – see screenshot:

    Screenshot of WordPress Import from Blogger screen

  • Authorise the import by following the prompts. Once a link is established, your blog will be imported automatically. I suggest running the import two or three times. I had a few stray comments and such that weren’t picked up until a third run-through, but the process is more or less seamless.
  • Sort out your profile, blogroll and template.

You can also customise the style of your blog template by playing with the CSS. However, this costs $15 a year.

A final word of caution: the free version of WordPress does not allow the use of javascript. What this means for you is that many of those wee buttons you have embedded in your page to track your stats will not work. If you are a stats junkie and want to be able to run javascript, you need to have your own domain name (eg – cost is usually only about a tenner a year) and host (Hosting365 will host blogs for FREE – see here*). In my opinion a tenner a year is well worth it, but for now I’m living with my limited stats in the free version.

I hope some of you find this useful. Normal bollicky shitetalk will resume shortly.

*with many thanks to Tom Raftery for this bit of info.



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  1. Hmmmmm,I’m seems like all the cool kids are jumping ship.I was going to say that Blogger had never given me much grief(after all you get what you pay for) but then it dawned on me that I had nothing to compare it too.
    Time for a bit of exploring I think and fair play for putting the step by step up for everyone.

  2. WordPress is the new Blogger


  3. I’d be inclined to let the Hosting365 service soak for a few months before moving to it. They are unsure themselves as to how the whole thing will pan out.

    “…if we suddenly get 10,000 signups we might have to hold new plans until we get more hardware to support it”.
    “The plan is for 1 year’s free blog hosting. We reserve the right to extend / cancel / make payable the account after that period”.

    I can understand where they are coming from. It’s a bit like Adam’s first words to Eve: “Stand back love, I don’t know how big this thing is going to get”.

    Having said that, it would be great having your own domain, the use of a MySQL database, WordPress functionality and PHP support … for free.

    Let’s hope it’s not a repeat of the scenario years back where folks signed up for free email and ended up having to pay for it later … when they were hooked on it.

  4. Blogger sucks, it munched many a post of mine. In WordPress, I’m a cautious nelly and keep hitting the ‘save and continue editing’ button as a hangover from my blogger days.

  5. Devin: well, I’d been thinking about it for a while, and then I saw Twenty and a few other bloggers I know make the switch, so I figured I’d give it a shot. If you do decide to switch, hopefully this thing will make it painless. How’s the course going? You managing okay?

    ggw: Blogger’s still got a lot more users, does it not?

    primal: Good points, though that offer was made almost a year ago, so hopefully it has had time to bed in by this stage. Incidentally, it was made on April 1st…I may have to investigate this further.

    Sinéad: I’m still like that too, but at least WordPress allows you to do that without having to go through the whole rigmarole of saving and then reopening the document you’re working on.

  6. Thanks for those instructions, Kav, much appreciated. Dunno what I’ll do yet. Do I have to put in my details everytime I want to comment?
    I voted for you already, lad!

  7. Ah Jaysus, Kav. Fair play to ya. I didn’t expect you to come back so fast with the info.

    Tell us this: if you already have your domain name, do you have to write to all the other shaggers who listed you and get them to change it away from Also, do you have to change all the settings in statcounter and all the rest of them?

    And finally (sorry) what do you need hosting365 for? Doesn’t WordPress host your blog for you?

    Sorry for being a cretin.

  8. It’s all too complicated for the likes of me. Took me two days to change my template in blogger for fucks sake!!

    I can put up with blogger. I know how it works (when it decides to that is) and i guess it’s a better the devil you know kinda thing.
    Yeah, i’m a wuss.

  9. WordPress is flippin’ hard. I’m hoping that with the mass switch to it that seems to be going on, someone can explain to me what the fuck cascading Style Sheets are all about.

    WordPress? If you’re listening, how ’bout assuming for a minute that some of the people who use you have no residual knowledge to help them navigate open source programming. None. Look, I know, I’m a moron. I know there’s no excuse for my appalling ignorance in the 21st century, but appalling ignorance I have. Remember about the marketing mantra that appealing to the lowest common denominator is the most successful way to go? Well, I am she. I don’t even like digital watches. All i want to do is blog – that was a big enough leap into the world of ones and nothings for me, but as long as I’m here now I wanna make stuff work. I’ll learn me how if I could only understand why the loop is important and why my pictures won’t load.

    Sorry Kav. I’m having a bad day’s tinkering with the blog. Sodding bloody WordPress. Sodding bloody me.

    *primal scream*

  10. Thanks for that info, Kav, I may soon join the WordPress revolution too.

    But does have the same ring to it?

  11. I’m with Devin. What are the pros of wordpress, or the cons of blogger that made you move?

  12. I’m really going to think about it. Blogger has been killing me lately. Thanks for the info!

  13. Mairéad: It depends on your settings. You should be able to allow a cookie that saves your details on your PC, so that you don’t need to enter them every time.

    bock: It’s up to you about mailing everyone. I didn’t do that, and 90% of my linkers still point to my old blog, so I might drop them an email, if I have time.

    Yes, you have to either set up a new statcounter or amend your existing one.

    Finally, you only need hosting if you want to be able to run javascript or other “active” code on your blog. The free version won’t let you do that. If all you want’s a blog though, then certainly WordPress will host that for you for free.

    Drop me a mail if I can be of any more use.

    steph: I know, it took you feckin forever to switch to Beta! No hassle girl, if you do want to move, I’ll be happy to give you a nudge in the right direction. And by that I mean I’ll help.

    sam: CSS is a way of giving a consistent coding to your webpages and allows you to change various attributes such as fonts, width of sidebar, etc. If you look at Twenty’s blog you’ll see he’s customised his using CSS – his basic template was very plain, and he’s added bits of green here and there. Stuff like that. If you know any HTML, it’s meant to be not bad to use. If you don’t….I can see why it could be a nightmare. Best way to learn is to (a) save a copy of the original code, then (b) mess about with the code and see what happens. You can always reload the original if you screw something up.

    Dario: You never know, you might get away with calling it theangrydome, and not need the 2 at all! How maaaaad would that be?

    JC: Cons of blogger: losing my posts; losing my comments; insufficient admin rights over my blog/comments; awkward interface – not user-friendly at all; the whole Beta vs old Blogger debacle – inability to leave comments on some blogs. Pros of WordPress: the opposite of the above.

    jali: No problem. I’m no techy genius, but give me a shout if I can help in any way.

  14. Thanks Boss.

  15. Hey, you were right! was available.

    Now to see about leaving Blogger …

  16. For stats junkies: do a plain old HTML version of their tracker code. No javascript, so it can be used on

  17. I don’t want to lose my template and I have a few nice things on my blog that will be lost. I have a live movie news column that updates 24/7 and that would have to go … and I don’t like the look of wordpress blogs … no offence!

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