March 1, 2007 at 9:33 pm | Posted in family, strathclyde park | 12 Comments

Been busy for past few. Sister visiting. Neglecting blogging. Normal service etc.

Took sister and Erin to t’park today.

Me, Nicola, Erin

Erin’s going through a “look at me, daddy!” phase. With absolutely everything. She cracks me up.

Erin on slide

Face-first into a puddle of mud. Too funny not to get a photay.

Fell in the mud



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  1. Jesus, look at those curls.

    Have a wonderful visit with your sister!

  2. That first photo looks like giant scientists are trying to pick you up with their giant tweezers for a diabolical experiment, only we can only be shown the shadow of it as the reality is too horrifying and grim.

    And then the curls! The muddy gob! And the smile right through the muddy gob! Perfect, Kav. What a wee smasher she is, showing such smiley mellowness in the face (literally) of a puddle.

  3. Like your blog. I’ll post you on my blog Momentary Madness.

  4. She is so gorgeous, and the photos are just great. My little girl Mia loved seeing her there 🙂

  5. She is cute.

    Looks likeyou are wearing flares, not that I have anything against them.

    Apparently, they are coming back in fashion.

  6. Melissa: She takes after her mother with the curls. Visit’s going well, loads to catch up on. Things done changed.

    Sam: I think I just got her at the right moment before she realised she had muck in her mouth, because the tears ensued shortly after.

    paddy: Cheers, welcome along.

    Cazzie: Welcome to you too, and thanks.

    Flutt: Fuck fashion. Seriously, I fucking hate skin tight jeans with a passion, and always wear loose (and sometimes flared, though not in that pic) trousers.

  7. She is just ADORABLE! Must take after her ma, ey? 😛

  8. Hey Kav, it looks as though your wee girl is growing quite the afro there.

  9. steph: Damn right. She gets her brains from me though 😉

    Dario: It’s getting a bit unruly alright – we may need to start thinking about getting it cut sometime soon…

  10. good old Brendan Boyer and the Royal Showband
    I bemember….laughing at them, but then Alison came along and reminded me isn’t ironic….Brendan’s nicely retired now while I a poor fucking idiot. Cheers Kav

  11. Thanks for your comments Kav, I’m a bit hung over this morning…..just about find the keys. Cheers. hope your week well.

  12. Erin is so gorgeous!

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