Lunar Eclipse

March 4, 2007 at 12:33 am | Posted in eclipse, eclipse 3 March 07, eclipse of the moon, lunar eclipse | 18 Comments

While the cream of Irish bloggers are doing the hucklebuck and touching one another inappropriately, while Twenty is probably after revealing his identity having consumed one Um Bongo too many in Ron’s beforehand, while Sweary is (hopefully) claiming an award for Best Blog, I’ve been sitting at home drinking wine and contemplating man’s irrelevance in the scheme of things. You know, like space, and, um, the universe and such.

See, I got some decent photos of the lunar eclipse tonight. We had a splash of rain earlier, but the clouds cleared nicely for me to snap a few. It looked pretty damn impressive, turning a deep red that’s fading as I type.

Early stages – you can see the change happening from bottom to top – the top’s unaffected in this pic:

Early Eclipse

Full eclipse:

Full Eclipse

Zoomed out:

Zoomed out

This was taken with my zoom up to max and the shutter opened up for 5 seconds, so it’s a bit fuzzy, but still pretty cool:

Eclipse zoomed in

The full-size images are on my Flickr account.

Hope my fellow bloggers are having a good night, and cheers to Conor and Bernie for keeping me updated via Twitter.

Update: Well, I was right on two counts – Twenty revealed himself, and a gay old time was had by all. Sweary lost out to Twenty for best blog, but to even be ranked alongside a ligind like him after only a few months blogging is some achievement in itself. I’m sure she’ll clean up next year.



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  1. Wow, do you have like, a hubble sort of thing ’round there or what? I love that night gazing shit.

  2. I like that shit too, but all I’ve got is a regular digital camera. A Kodak DX7590, if that means anything.

  3. Kav you bastard!!! 😉

    They’re brilliant. The early stages and zoomed out shots are my favourites. To be honest, when I came in tonight it was tipping down so I didn’t hold much hope of seeing anything. Add to that the fact that Thistle got pumped again and I was in no mood to do anytiing other than get pissed…….


  4. They’re great, Kav. It’s cool to see them on the actual night too – I had my cheap wee telescope out and everything; was all excited to sit out with my ham sandwiches and tea, but the Western US wasn’t able to see it like you guys could.

    And no clouds in the shots! Are you sure you’re in Scotland, Kav? You haven’t just created an elaborate online persona complete with child and tweezer photos and somebody else’s dug up back garden, have you? I ask on account of being puzzled by the complete lack of any sort of inclement weather in your photos. It’s not the Scotland I know, where the slightest whiff of a good time, the skies crack and the whole thing’s rained off. What kind of a parallel Scotland are you in?

  5. Yeah, I know. It’s not supposed to be clear when there’s an eclipse – not in Ireland, and not in Scotland. I did notice a sneaky cloud trying to get in on the act to ruin the snaps as the moon came back, but the weather was unusually clear. You can even see the moon on my aged digital camera, it was that clear.

    I just hope the pipes haven’t frozen!

    I loved your pics, by the way. Better than mine.

  6. Hi Kav, just visiting after your comment on my blog. You got some great shots there. Sadly I was stuck near the city and it was the best I could manage. All the same though twas an event to capture. Nice work!

  7. Those are some fine photos Kav, very fine.

  8. Ta, Kav.

    Couldn’t see a thing for the cloud cover here on the west coast of Canada.

  9. Thanks for the pics – closest I got to it. Sounds like we both missed a great night at the awards!

  10. ill man: Cheers, I can pretend it was easy but it took about a hundred photos and two dozen settings before I got them looking ok. Makes me want a good camera though, not just an average one. I really noticed its limitations when I was snapping those.

    sam: Bizarre, isn’t it? I was lucky – a couple of huge clouds came by and obliterated the view, but the wind was up enough to move them along quickly. And besides, I think Doc Maroon will agree, since I live in Lanarkshire, all bets are off.

    paul: Welcome along, and thanks. I spotted your pics just after I had written that post – it’s weird how there are so many perspectives on what you’d think’d look the same to everyone.

    Jonathan: Welcome to you too. In the ultimate expression of sad-dadness, I spent Saturday evening after I took those photos looking to see when the next one’s going to be. In August, apparently.

    FMC: Thanks very much.

    MJ: No prob, you can copy them if you like.

    Flirty: Cheers, yeah, all the reports coming back sound fantastic. Makes me think it might be worth booking the flight when next year’s event rolls around.

  11. Cool shots. I was outside the hotel at the Blog Awards for a bit and got to see some of it but Dublin is so bright with street lights, it was hard to see it really. You did miss a really great night so do think about booking a cheapo flight next year. You won’t regret it. Well, the next day you might regret it, but not on the night itself!

  12. Really cool pics, so much better than what I saw! I’d like to visit there some day.

  13. AWESOME pictures Kav. I totally meant to go out and look but I got drunk instead.

  14. Karen, I’ll definitely think about it. The only trouble is, every time I go home, I’m sort of obliged to go to see the family as well. I feel guilty if I don’t, seeing as I only see them a few times a year. Bah.

    Cheers Flutt. Sure aren’t you there already, ya feckin loon.

    Thanks Annie. Your night sounds better than mine.

  15. Sweet! It was raining here, so I didn’t get to see it.

  16. I missed it completely. I was busy in bed. I think I made the right choice.

  17. sassy: Yeah, I was lucky with the weather. There were loads of cloud, but the wind was whipping them by fairly quickly.

    cindy lou: Depends what you were doing in bed.

  18. Duh.

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