In Pictures: Irish Blog Awards

March 6, 2007 at 10:34 am | Posted in Irish Blog Awards, irishblogawards, photos, twenty major pictures | 24 Comments

Although I missed the event, I had my paparazzo friend Jeff snap some shots of the build-up to the awards. Many of you who attended the event will have missed the behind-the-scenes bits, but I think they’re worth sharing.

Eolaí was due to attend, but when he reached the end of his street he saw this sign and the poor lad got confused, so he just went home again:

Eolai gets confused

Tom Raftery and a couple of blogger chums grabbed a bite to eat before the awards:

Tom Raftery and some fellow bloggers getting a bite to eat before the awards

Damien spared no expense in advertising the awards outside the Alexander Hotel:

Alexander Hotel, night of the Irish Blog Awards

Unfortunately for The Swearing Lady, she got stuck sitting behind a prankster, and missed much of the evening:

The Swearing Lady can't see!

And of course, the biggest surprise of the night, a very polite and modest (not to mention devastatingly handsome, by all accounts) Twenty Major showed up in person to collect his award:

Twenty in the flesh!

Congrats to Damien for organising what seems to have been a fantastic night, and to all the winners, whose blogs are providing me with even more excuses to avoid doing any work.

Do I really need to mention that none of these pictures are from the awards? My jokes have been misinterpreted a fair bit recently, so I’d better mention it just in case.



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  1. Ha Ha. You wouldn’t believe how such footpaths have confused me for years. Or would you?

    And the girls also thought Twenty was a ride (in their comments)

  2. Wow, I must have been really drunk – I don’t remember any of that!!!

  3. Eolaí, I don’t know how you’re going to manage to make it home. I added in a link to the girls too.

    Tom: Don’t worry, the video footage should be up on YouTube any minute now… 😉

  4. I don’t like being a disembodied head.

  5. I think it suits you. It’s futuristic-looking

  6. Hilarious! How do you think these things up??
    Oh, it’s the little things in life…….

  7. I have an ideas book Flutt. Just like Spike Milligan.

    Okay, maybe not. The truth is, shit comes into my head, and I write it down. I don’t have much of a mental filter, so sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

  8. Why is flutt commenting on your blog and not on mine?

    She’s a scutt, that one.

  9. She’s been mad after me while you’ve been away Sweary. We’re even friends on Bebo now.

  10. Bebo. Even people not in college have fallen to it!

    I’m convinced it will be the death of the world.

  11. Heh. I had to join. I forget why now, but it was for a very important reason at the time.

  12. Yes, it’s true, I am mad after you! I want your body.

    Seriously, I needed somewhere to talk a bit of shite while Scutt eile was busy elsewhere.

    It worked didn’t it?

    Now we can all be friends eh?

  13. Tom offered me a lift in that but I had my own donkey and trap.

  14. If you didn’t win for the best Irish blog then it’s because that 20 dude was there with his friends and declined your award on your behalf and then accepted it on his own behalf. I don’t trust him.

  15. Oh yeah Flutt, whatEVER. Talk to the lad cos the face ain’t listening.

    That’s good Conor, because you were far too sozzled to be driving a car, or so I heard. And welcome to you.

    Jali: Hah! You should check Twenty out. Prolific genius, he is.

  16. What the fuck do you mean, “not from the blog awards”?

    They’re ALL from the fuckin blog awards.

  17. see now I’m confused, blog awards or not? I just don’t get yer humour. I imagined a group of 20 nervous people that all look like their avatars at an internet cafe being told to keep the noise doon by the manager.

  18. *pisses self laughing*

  19. Hey everyone, we’ve got a pisser in comment # 18. Will somebody prease bring the mop and a stripey beach hut for the unfortunate widdler to change in. Best bring some hot water and towels too, just in case.


  20. Bock: Heh, damn, caught.

    knudsen: see, I’m confused now, I just don’t get your humour…ah shite, we could do this all day. No, they aren’t really blog award pics.

    whyioughtta and sam: I hope that mess has been sorted by now.

  21. […] More of this. […]

  22. the awards advertising is hilarious! Nicely done.

  23. Sam: Well thanks, you just made me wee again.

  24. Phil: Welcome, and thanks very much.

    whyioughtta: I think you need some Tenalady.

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