International Women’s Day

March 8, 2007 at 4:07 pm | Posted in international women's day | 12 Comments

Thought I ought to do my bit for International Women’s Day, so check out the lovely pair of tits on this.

Seriously though, pop over to see Red Mum’s post.



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  1. Oh God………you craic me up…….not.

  2. *picks up phone*

    Hello, 1992? You want flutt to star in Wayne’s World? Hang on, I’ll put her on to you. Hey, FLUTT! It’s for you.

  3. *runs away crying*

  4. Kav, I was very disappointed/cracked up by the lack of diddies/the presence of actual ‘tits’ on this.

    By the way, it’s good to hear you held on to your job. Guess you won’t have to spit in the boss’ coffee after all.

  5. No one else told me about the International celebration of all that’s woman.

    Thank you Kav for the public service announcement.

    Now where’s my gift?

  6. Ahem……Ahem!Ahem…..*patiently tapping right foot and examining the ceiling*

    Happy you kept the job bud.You can still make millions by knocking Cecilia…….the spot.

  7. Glad your job is ok, Kav.
    As a woman in Ireland, working full time, the mother of three children, very highly educated – I can say truthfully that I have experienced gender inequality every single day of my life.

  8. Fuck’s sake. Here’s a hanky for you flutt. You might want to rinse it a bit first.

    Cheers Dario. Out of interest, I’ve been looking at what’s out there this evening. There is a LOT.

    jali: Don’t tell me it got lost in the post again?

    Devin: Cheers. I was secretly hoping for a root in the hole to do something, but I suppose I’ll plod along for a while yet.

    mairéad: Aren’t you a great girl typing on the internet all by yourself? Can I have a Jaffa Cake with my tea? 😉

    Give me some exampes Mairéad – I’d like to know if there’s any stuff I unknowingly do. For example, the girls at work get really annoyed when I cup their buttocks. Don’t ask me why – women are a mystery to me.

  9. Damn.

    You and Knudsen can get me to click on anything.

  10. Anything, you say, MJ? Well, click on this!

  11. Feck off, Kav!
    I mean it, I am treated unequally because of my gender! You asked for some examples:
    In my job, something like 85% of the profession are women but 95% of leadership roles are filled by men!
    The tax office gave all of my tax credits to my husband because I’m a married woman! Computer glitch they say, but this has happened several times to me and never to him!
    If I want to have my tubes tied, the doctor won’t do it unless my husband says it’s ok. He will give my husband a vasectomy though!!!
    The phone company won’t let me put the phone in my name! “That’d be fierce dangerous, you could get crank calls!”
    My PPS number since I married is my husband’s number with W for WIFE at the end of it! I had to change my number – he didn’t.
    I do a bit of consultancy work and submit a tax return for that along with my PAYE work – my husband has to sign the accounts and Revenue correspond with HIM not me!!!
    Salesmen etc… call to the door and ask for the boss!!!
    Hospitals etc… keep asking me if I’m married or single – they never ask my husband.
    I can’t be a Catholic priest.
    I can’t be involved in any real way in decision-making in the Catholic church because I’m a woman.
    I do 90% of the housework, cooking, shopping, child-minding and child-organizing etc… despite working full-time – like most women I know. If we need a babysitter, it’s my job to get one. If a child is sick, it’s my job to organise the doc, medecine, minding, i.e. I take the time off. My husband can’t, he’s got an important job!!! When I’m finished work, I rush straight home, bringing work home with me, to collect the kids, make dinner, light fire, help with obair bhaile etc…. My husband comes home when he’s ready! He’s amazed and hurt if he comes home to the antichrist!!!!
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m WELL able to stand up for myself, I’m well able to roar at the men in the house to get out the hoover etc…. but it’s an in-grained thing. It’s ingrained in Irish society.
    I know that none of these examples are serious, when compared to genital mutilation, sexual slavery etc… but add them all together and they piss me off very much, and happen to me ONLY BECAUSE I’M A WOMAN! That’s geneder inequality, I believe? I don’t blame you for not understanding, how could you, you’re not a woman, these things have never happened to you because – you’re a man.

  12. You flustered me, Kav, yourself and your jaffa cakes!!!!!
    I meant “medicine”.

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