Terminated Too: Judgement Day

March 8, 2007 at 9:41 am | Posted in fun at work | 29 Comments

I’m going in to a meeting at 11.30 to find out if I still have a job. Restructuring going on because of the takeover. Contrary to the impression I give here, I’m pretty hardworking and good at my job, but that seems to matter fuck all today. Already 12 people have come out and been told they’re at serious risk.

ie: they’re gone.

Fingers crossed.

Later: I’m safe. I’m a valued member of our strong team, and my strong contribution has been recognised as vital in strengthening our strong position in what is widely acknowledged as a strong market.

Fuck, I’m disappointed. Know why? The guys “at risk” have been offered a very generous voluntary redundancy package. I’ve been told I can apply for it too, but I won’t get it, because they don’t want to lose me – just your usual bureaucracy at work, d’ya know like? Redundancy is the only way I’m ever going to start a career I feel something for.

Unless I get a job wanking.



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  1. Well I wish you luck. There is nothing worse than being made redundant ( Me Twice) Once voluntarialy and once because the company went bang both times it is hard to adjust to the fact. However after the initial shock I put the money in my back pocket and found new jobs, In the end it turned out well.

    Anyway Good luck

  2. Fingers and toes and eyes crossed for you Kav.
    If the wind blows and I fucked?

    Seroiusly though, just remember, everything happens for a reason.

  3. not and I fucked,i meant AM i fucked?

  4. Good luck Kav, hope it works out, but if you do get bad news, remember to set your workstation on fire or something like that.

  5. Thanks MacD. It’s never happened to me so I’m a bit wary. Might have to peruse the job sites tonight. I’ve heard many people say the same as you, that it’s worked out as a good opportunity for them to do something they actually want (as opposed to have) to do.

    Cheers Flutt and Dario. Tick, tick, tick…

  6. Good Luck! If one door closes…

  7. 😦
    Crossing fingers.

  8. Good Luck, Kav. Hope it works out the way you want it to in the end. Is there anyone who manages to even stay in a job long enough to get a pension anymore? Don’t think so….. depressing thought….

  9. That’s a worry, Kav. Good luck.

  10. K – I hate to sound some hippy chick but honestly whatever the outcome it will be for the best. All about the attitude and you generally have a very good one. Potentially you’ll get redundancy, have time to write your book and go on to be a hugely successful author – job? who cares

  11. Fingers and toes crossed.

  12. Thanks for the good wishes everyone. Flirty – who knows? I might pen a chick-lit novel in three days using the pseudonym Cassandra Blossom-Chesterson and make millions when I knock Cecilia Ahern off the top spot.

  13. It will never take you that long or can you just type with 2 fingers like most blokes?

    So – what happended at the meeting?

  14. Did you not read my update in the post? Come on flirty! Get with the goddamn program, goddammit!

    No, I use several fingers, and occasionally my penis, to type. I’m fast as fuck.

  15. Well, good! I worried about you for a good two minutes when I saw the update that wasn’t in my feed reader.

  16. Thanks Howard, your concern is touching. No, really, it’s touching me. Stop, now, I’m starting to feel uncomfortable.

  17. Yey! Glad you’ve kept your job!
    Can I uncross my eyes now? I groomed a westie with my eyes crossed and it turned out like a dead duck. It really did.

  18. No flutt, keep them crossed until you’ve finished work.

  19. You’re a bad yoke, you know that? Last time I’ll work my magic for YOU again.

  20. Since flutt has the fingers and toes covered, I’ll cross my eyes for you – well at least until I get a headache and have to stop. Maybe I’ll try a “cross your heart” bra – Nah! Mini-me breasts are too small for that stuff.

    Crossing my legs might interfere with my love life so that’s out.

    I know – I’ll do tonight’s crossword puzzle in your honor. Ever correct answer will bring you better luck.

  21. TITS.

    Also, Flutt is a cunt. Hahahaha! *runs away*

    Anyways, I’ve emailed you, so the rest of you, don’t think I’m being flippant. I care about Kav as much as the rest of you! Hell, maybe even a bit less!

  22. Unless I get a job wanking.

    Thinking about a job in Dáil Éireann then?

  23. Ah no, I appreciate your magick, flutt. It saved me the stress of having to make a decision.

    jali, I hope you’re good at them.

    Sweary: Yes, but you’ll have that in small towns with fast cars.

    Sneezy: Fuck no. Politicians aren’t allowed to swear, are they? I’d be fucked out the door on my first day.

  24. Hey Kav

    Being laid off sucks, but like you said it has its upside. I was laid of for a year. Downside – cash probs, upside spent the whole year with my new son, helped my wife start her own business, and played music 4 nights a week. At the end I got a job I loved way more than the one I have been laid off from.

    BTW I have tried to comment a few times and the never seem to appear on the blog.

  25. Well that one appeared Musta been doing something wrong before – twouldn’t be the first time.

  26. Bob Dylan RULES!!

  27. John, cheers – I got the comments – for some reason they kept appearing as spam, but I was able to approve them so they are in their rightful place here on t’blag.

    I was kinda hoping something might happen, but sure what can you do. I applied for half a dozen jobs this evening in a fit of pique. I probably don’t want any of them.

    And Bob Dylan is overrated 😉

  28. getting paid to wank? Now theres a life. Unfortunately, all most of us can manage is a little volunteer work from time to time……

    Wouldn’t even mind if someone paid the expenses. I don’t know…..

  29. I wouldn’t even care about getting paid, it’s the hassle with cleaning up that I’d like to subcontract.

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