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March 8, 2007 at 10:48 pm | Posted in techy question | 14 Comments

Anyone have any idea what the fuck is going on with a PC when the System Idle Process is running at 96-99% ALL THE BASTARD TIME? Have I been haxzorzed?

Whatever it is, it’s affecting my broadband connection as well. The problem’s so bad that it took me ten minutes and multiple reloads just to log on to Gmail. Some sites won’t load at all. This happens in both IE (7.0) and FF (2.0).

I recently installed Zone Alarm, AVG, and Spyware Blaster to replace Norton, and it seems to be since then that the problem’s been happening. Coincidence or connection?



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  1. Oh yesyes. I’d say you definitely have yourself a haxzorzing problem there. *Draws breath between teeth in horrible contemplative hissing* Looks like quite a job, there. Yep…Uh-huh…Don’t like the look of it at all. No siree. Could be costly. *Rubs hands together.* I can have a wee look at it for you myself seeng as how I’m here anyway, and I wouldn’t take a penny for it seeing as it’s yourself. But there’s the parts, see. Gotta come from China – that’s what runs the bill up, see…

  2. Haven’t a scooby I’m afraid, Kav. Hope you get it fixed though. It can drive you mad when that stuff goes wrong.

  3. Damn sam, until you wrote that second comment I was all set to give you my credit card details.

  4. Look at your processes and see the number of svchost.exe instances. If more than six and with any one of them pulling more than 40% of CPU load, consider malware on your system.

    You are not alone.

    We get at least 10 people a day reading this:

  5. I have all those programs you do and have never had a problem. I use the trusty old system restore when shite like that happens 😉 It’s my cure all.

  6. maybe its the “really bad” porn sites you surf, clean up yer act lad and yer computer will thank you for it.

    and no I’m not sending you anymore.

  7. Bernie, thanks very much, I will check that out this evening.

    Steph, you realise there’s probably some lad in Eastern Europe selling your identity to a refugee as we speak?

    Knudsen: The main thing is, I came.

  8. Kav, I highly recommend running Rootkit Revealer once in a while just to check things out. I’ve used it in the past to reveal the presence of various nasties that anti-spam/anti-virus utilities couldn’t detect.

    You could also try downloading Filemon and Regmon from Microsoft. They show registry and disk access which can be handy in figuring out what’s going on.

  9. Thanks very much Thomas, that’s much appreciated.

  10. so, it’s not the discombobulator then?

  11. No, nor is it the flibberty-gibbet, I was disappointed to note.

  12. Hiya, I had the exact same problem, IE 7 offers a free Phishing detector you need to disable this and all your problems should go away…
    click the Tools button, and then click Phishing Filter

    Click Turn Off Automatic Checking

    Try it and see how you go 🙂

  13. Evo, thanks a million – that turned out to be the exact problem! Still confused as to why this would be an issue in Firefox, but there you go.

    Thanks a lot, you’ve saved me killing another homeless person out of frustration.

  14. Um, the System Idle Process (SIP) _should_ be showing that. It means that’s how much CPU usage you have available. In other words, it means that the RAM in your computer is doing it’s job rather than putting a load on the CPU.
    Spyware can always be a bit of an issue, but if your SIP is 96% + then you’re pretty clear of something that’s stealing computer time.
    Zone Alarm & Spyware Blaster are a big crock, from my perspective in the IT industry. I would recommend uninstalling those. It’s likely Zone Alarm is killing your Broadband speeds.
    ‘Home’ versions of Nortons (Symantec) are memory hogs, and AVG is a good choice. Though Symantec 10 Corporate Edition is brilliant.
    Enjoy 🙂

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