I’m being lazy – little help?

March 11, 2007 at 12:24 am | Posted in blogging for charity, red nose day | 11 Comments

Observe, a recent comment from Sam:

Kav! I know you’re Irish but go and check this out. You live in the UK and as far as I can tell that’s all you need. They’re looking for British bloggers funniest posts to collect in a book to be published next week – the proceeds of which will go to Comic Relief. The deadline’s Wednesday so there’s not much time.


I really think you should submit something.

To me it looks like the rules are that you need to be British, but screw it, I’m going to stick something in anyway. Fight the power! I promise to conform to traditional stereotypes and mumble some half-thought argument which includes the words “800 years of oppression” if I don’t get included. Besides, what’s the worst that could happen? My name gets spread around the entire UK and Irish blogging community as being that Irish lad who thinks he’s a Brit with the result that both the Brits and the Irish end up hating me? Hmmm.

Anyway, I’m very busy over the next week or so – off work so won’t be around to fill your blog with idiocy – BUT! I’d like your help on this. If you’ve ever seen a funny post on this blog, let me know what post it was, and I’ll submit it. In the unlikely event that more than one person comments, and opinions differ, I will submit the post with the most nominations.

Remember, we’re dealing with a charity thingy here, so choose carefully. I don’t think they’ll accept posts with the word “cunt” or “Skullfuck” in them.

Update: I wrote this one before anyone really read my blog. That fucking dog, I swear, if it wasn’t already dead…



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  1. Comic relief is a load of crap.

    How many of the people they’ve supposedly saved have gone on to do anything worthwhile?

  2. Touché. I’ve always thought Comic Relief would be improved if they lined up a dozen “comedians” – the likes of Patrick Kielty, Ed Byrne, whoever – and the public had to vote on who they wanted to execute. Imagine the ratings. Literal comic relief.

  3. Well if you’re fucking going to fucking have to fucking edit the fucking fuckers the what the fuck is the fucking point?For fuck’s fucking sake.

    “Sound Billies” btw.

  4. I read the dog story. You underestimate me.

  5. Will miss you in blog world. You will have to put on your commercial hat for this one. What will appeal to public but is suitable to be linked with charity. I like the dog blog but not sure if it will “fit” with what they are looking for. Sticking with my first job one – good luck

  6. I really liked the one called ‘suck it up’ with Linzi hoovering and you trying to watch tv – but I’m a recent fan!
    You rock Kav!

  7. How about – You only lose it once?
    Universal appeal except for celibates?

  8. Good man Kav stick it to the nationality nazis, er that would be Germans ah well you know what I mean my fellow Irish Blogger.
    I met Patrick Kielty once, it was like the clown fish on Finding Nemo, not very funny, dance monkey boy I should have shouted. I sent in a story but I doubt it will be published, all blog politics.

  9. screw it, I’m going to stick something in anyway

    I say that just about every Saturday night when the booze has taken its toll.

  10. […] to submit an entry to that thing for Comic Relief. Oops. I console my self by knowing I would have been rejected for not being British enough to have […]

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