A week of cold turkey…jitter.

March 20, 2007 at 10:38 am | Posted in blog cold turkey, fun at work, garage, garage base, jobs | 10 Comments

Can you imagine it? No blogs or emails for a whole week. You should try it. It builds character.

Things that have happened to impede bloggability:

  • My garage got delivered and built in one day. I’ll post a pic later. I bet you can’t wait.
  • A windy weekend tore a load of shingles off the new garage.
  • Forgot to submit an entry to that thing for Comic Relief. Oops. I console myself by knowing I would have been rejected for not being British enough to have made the list.
  • I had a job interview for a company in Glasgow. I’m pretty excited about it, much more so than I was with those other cunts.
  • They seem keen – asked me back for a second interview before the first one was even over. It’s on next Monday.
  • You know how Linzi blocked up the toilet? It took a full week to fix. I almost choked half a dozen times on faeces fumes. I finally sorted it on Saturday. She owes me bigtime.
  • My dad announced he’s coming over on Thursday. Yay.
  • I successfully remortgaged, which is a major relief. Can finally get rid of that deathtrap car.
  • My mother sent me a chocolate rabbit thing for Easter. It was delicious. Fuck, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. I wish I hadn’t eaten it all. Still, the kids will never eat all of theirs.

So, how have you been?

Later that same evening…behold:




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  1. Welcome back Mr. Kav. Agree re the cold turkey, makes you appreciate blog world all the more. I spent almost a week at home with no phone, internet, decent books of TV so my head is bursting with pointless postings to write.

    Your week was much more productive with the exception of the unblocking which I really don’t want to think about.

  2. Been pretty much out of action for the last week meself. Similar to yourself really – AJAX project. No. Hold on. You had a Jacks project.

    Anyway. We’re all done now. Fair play to us.

  3. I hate when you don’t blog and the ideas just fill your head – when you’re trying not to blog it becomes very tempting to do.

    Now you have a perfect comeback if your wife starts to nag you: just point at the toilet and give one of those shut-you-up smiles.

  4. Consider yourself lucky you don’t have shingles anymore.

    They itch like a bitch.

  5. If I’m Irish enough to be nominated in the blonk awards then you’re British enough to be in the stupid comic relief thingy that I didn’t get into either *stomp*.

    Welcome back cuz.

  6. Very nice it is to have you back, too.

    And yes, they sound much nicer than those other cunts, who sounded a bit… well… thick.

  7. Yay! Kav is back!

    It was a hard “no Kav” cold turkey week for me. How far is the commute to Glasgow? Might be great blogging material there. Damn! Is the whole world blogilicious to me these days?

  8. Good luck with the interview, Kav. After this past weekend, I wish I had a garage.

  9. Welcome back, Kav. Sounds like it was a big week for you. Good luck with that there intermaview on Monday. Blow their Glaisgee socks off their bony white ankles!

  10. flirty: Cheers…I’ve been trying to banish the poo from my mind too.

    Primal: Good man, hope it went well for you.

    Dario: I know what you mean – loads of ideas popped into my head last week. All wasted now.

    MJ: You could’ve told me that you were infected before…you know.

    Annie: I’m appalled that you didn’t get it! Gah. No taste.

    badgerdaddy: Thanks, and welcome to you too. I don’t know about thick, but those cunts were definitely the cuntiest shower of cunts I’ve dealt with for a while.

    jali: Well, it’s actually closer than where I am now – right now I have to get the train into Glasgow and then another out from it. this one would be right in the city. I’m realy hoping I’ll be offered it.

    Sassy: Thanks – after seeing your post, I understand why!

    Sam: Thanks very much. I’m trying not to get too excited, but this one looks like a great opportunity.

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