I’m starving now

April 4, 2007 at 2:01 pm | Posted in hunger was the case | 11 Comments

You know when someone says “I’m going up to Greggs to get donuts, do you want some?” and you say “No, it’s alright thanks” but really you do want some and all it would take is for that person to say “Are you sure?” for you to cave and say “Ah go on so” and ask for two delicious custard-filled fudge-coated numbers, but instead all they say is “Okay” and walk off leaving you desperate for the sweet sweet taste of gooey donut?

I fucking hate that.

Ten minutes later: He brought me back a donut anyway! What a day.



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  1. I hope that was some kind of sexual metaphor.

  2. You said no? Why must you continually break my heart?

  3. I wanna see the secret beard every post.

  4. He has copped on you’re a Paddy, and no means yes when it comes to cups of tea, pints of porter and doughnuts/donuts. Oh, and pints. And I nearly forgot, pints.

  5. That means he assumes that you lie on a regular basis. Sure, it gets you a doughnut now, but what will you do when you actually WANT to lie to him? These are the things to think about during the post 2 doughnuts-in-a-row-purge in the bathroom.

  6. Yum

  7. Ha Ha That monkey with a cold called you a Paddy, do ya want me to knee it for ya?

    Are ya sure?

    Ach ya probably know some lads yerself being a paddy and all.

  8. whyioughtta: Oh no. I wouldn’t use fudge in a sexual metaphor.

    Lela: Would that not get boring?

    Sneezy: Ah go on so. One more. That’s it though. Ah well, maybe one other one after that.

    Howard: I lucked out though!

    Kara: I’ve lied to the poor lad so many times (especially recently, with this whole job interview jazz) that he would not have a clue whether or not I was telling the truth.

    Aisling: That’s exactly what I said.

    knudsen: I appreciate that, but the lad’s alright. A biteen hairy, but apart from that a sound punter.

  9. Fek off Knudsen! It’s okay for one Paddy to call another that. I’m going to get Bock’s mob after ya, I am. Ever heard of the Murphyia, huh, huh?

  10. The dude is a real friend.

  11. The person who brings the donuts is a saint.

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