Go on, I dare you to drink it

April 12, 2007 at 9:11 am | Posted in childbirth, fame - I'm gonna live forever, gorgeous irish models, James Bond-like smoothness, magic and a spoon, people will see me and cry, stray cat in a vice, the word "cunt", tingly lubricant | Comments Off on Go on, I dare you to drink it

Like the theoretical person (who is not me) from yesterday’s post, today I must forego blogging in favour of catching up with some work. However, I refer you to a new bit of the site, which has a little something for everyone*. It’s just a pity that that little something happens to be a pint glass full of horse-spunk and dog-vomit. Anyway, if you are terribly bored, it may keep you entertained.

As for the horse-spunk and dog-vomit, you don’t have to drink it until it settles.

*except humourless cunts


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