You know you’ve made it when…

April 16, 2007 at 6:53 am | Posted in jobs | 26 Comments

…there’s going to be a guy waiting for you in Birmingham airport holding a placard with your name on it! I’ve always wondered what sort of cunt meets these chauffer guys at the airport, and now I know, because today, I am the cunt.

Anyway, must dash, plane to catch. Off to meet who will hopefully be my future bosses. Later, chaps and chapettes.



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  1. He’ll carry your bag too, if you have one. Best o’ luck anyway. I envy you being cunt of the day.

    Gluck, gluck, gluck.

  2. Wow! I want one!
    Good luck with the meet-the-bosses thingy!

  3. So the sign said ‘Cunt’ and you said, “theres my ride?”

    you cunt, well good luck then.

  4. Man, the word cunt is just as vulgar as they get. Really foul. Shame on you, Kav. Don’t turn into that cunt, Twenty.

  5. Bet you get a stiff one when you see your name on a board

  6. I was one of those cunts in Bermingham Airport back in January. Except he didn’t show up till lI have like 17 fags smoked, shitting myself all the time cos I was there on my own and my first time abroad! The bastard.

  7. Good luck with the interview Kav!.Have a nice time being ‘one of those cunts’ too…play your cards right and you can be ‘one of thos cunts’ all of the time..

  8. Good luck!!!!

  9. Well, that’s fame gone to your head. Try not to forget us little people.

    Oh, and good luck!

  10. Finger crossed Kav, let us know how you get on.

  11. I would walk as slowly as I could so that everyone in the airport could see me walking to my limo! (I can be such as ass sometimes)

    Yeah for you Mr. Bigstuff!

  12. dying to know how it went. Please …details!

  13. You cunt Kav. Know that I hate you because I’ve always wanted to be chauffeur-driven by a guy in a hat who called me sir.

  14. And of course, good luck.

  15. Good luck!

  16. Kav if this possible new job means you won’t have as much time to blog we will not be happy. You have been warned. I hope it went well for you all the same.

  17. Congratulations on becoming another class enemy and oppressor of the proletariat.Innit great kav? “Look at me NOW” screams the inner kav as you mentally go down the list of all those who said you’d never amount to anything.

  18. Ya cunt.

  19. Well, you either made a complete bollix of it or you’re not back yet. Or maybe you did great, got the job and you’re hammered now. Which is it?

  20. Good luck!

  21. However it went, Kav, it will be the right thing for you right now. It’s my Dad’s birthday today, so I hope he brought you a rub of the green?

  22. He is currently on the top of a rocky mountain being worshipped like Sid the Sloth in Ice Age 2 ….

  23. Nice blog!

  24. I’m so proud of you, ma bitch.

    Do it for Galway, etc.

  25. Thanks y’all. You lot make my day.

    Yes, I have no life.

  26. …..who laughs at his own jokes…. That’s me. I have the same problem with bottles of whisky as you have with Taxi’s but I keep tellin’ me self it’s only (a label) stuck on. Try it, I bet it works for you 2.

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