April 20, 2007 at 2:18 pm | Posted in the most evil laugh in the entire world | 19 Comments

Thank you all very much for your good wishes on the job thing. I’m being driven insane here at work because I can’t say anything until the formal offer comes through. However, I’d like to put the rumour that the job is in Birmingham to rest; it’s in feckin Glasgow, like. My mind is racing too much to blog today, so instead of reading, have a listen to an evil laugh I recorded last night:;7215056;;/fileinfo.html

If it’s not working, let me know. I’ve never done that sort of thing before.

Some of you mentioned you wanted to have an evil laugh competition, where we can judge each other for Best Evil Laugh. Have at it.

Merry weekend, everyone.



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  1. Kav, well done on the job offer 🙂 Hope you have an awesome weekend celebrating!!!

  2. Just buffering for me Kav – no laughter yet. How big is the file?

  3. Have a smashing weekend, Kav.

  4. Just buffering toots, no evil. Erghm I”m of to rum-I mean to watch telly. I blame Sam, she made me laugh.

  5. That was very, very evil of you! (For how long will the evil continue?)

    I can’t do evil laughs. So I’m giggling instead. I won’t upload an audio. Just imagine it. Close your eyes. Think back. A long time ago. You were just a small child. Your grandmother gets her tit caught in the clothes-wringer. That kind of giggle.

  6. Bugg… GAH! Typo of all typos that was almost!

    It is just buffering on me my beautiful butterfly fingers blogger – just bugg.. BUFFERING!

  7. Congrats and felicitations (late as they are) on the new job. Glad “plane woman” didn’t turn you off! Have a great weekend celebrating!

  8. Mabrouk on the job but hard luck on the laugh as I am hearing only the solitary cry of buffering.

  9. Glasgow you mad bastard – when can we come visit?

  10. Where’s the evil? You promised us evil? I got all worked up. Now I’m going to have to listen to Dick Cheney’s audio-memoirs instead.

  11. It’s subliminal innit? All I got was buffering too but when I tried to close my eyes for a quick nap at work just now all I got was you and your fucking laugh.

  12. Fuck the laugh, i wanna see video footage of you STRUTTING!

  13. How evil is buffering? Very.

    Kav, you’ve become extremely evil since this job offer.

    You need a new laugh – more evil than mwoooohahaha.

    Perhaps as evil as nyaaaahahaha.

    I’m serious here, buddy.

  14. EGW: Thanks, I did. Feeling worse for it now though. Or maybe that’s the backache from the decking I spent the day working on yesterday.

    Eolaí: It’s only about 100Kb or so. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Bah.

    sam: Ta. I did.

    FMC: Well dagnammit. I may have joined you for a rum at the weekend. I really can’t recall.

    Sneezy: How come it worked for you? Did you d/l it?

    Pinkie: Blast!

    Orfhlaith: Thanks. I’m crippled today.

    MacD: Bollocks to it.

    Conor: Well, I’m here for good, so whenever you like.

    Sam: I think I need to host it somewhere better.

    Devin: Muauahahahahahah. (did that work?)

    steph: I cocked up a feckin evil laugh, how on earth would I be able to manage a video?

    bock: You mean more of a snicker than a laugh? That one comes across as rather nasal. I like it.

  15. It didn’t work. That’s why I said evil in italics. I was guessing that, as a dud, it would be an even more evil to do on us.

  16. Bah. You’re so clever, you almost come across as thick sometimes.

  17. Glasgow. My knowledge of:

    1. I once read a couple of novels that spoke of Glasgow. I can’t remember the names of the novels, but they were by Robin Binchey.

    It rhymes with…um… mass cow?

    Sometimes it’s dark and stormy there I’ll bet.

    That’s the sum of my knowledge – oh, and Kav has a new job there! Yay!

  18. jali: Also, I pretty much live there…well, on the edge of it. And it’s dark and stormy a lot.

  19. Congratumalations on the new job! They obviously couldn’t resist your combination of looks, talent and…uh….

    Do they know that you’ll be blogging from work? A lot?

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