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April 28, 2007 at 12:18 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 23 Comments


Two people. That’s all I told. Not too bad. Neither of them mattered.

I’m fucked, but I’m obsessive about getting my spelling right.

I came home tonight because the baby we never had means more to me than all the friends I’ll never make.



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  1. And do it should be and so we shall love you for it.
    A mildly drunken,

  2. Picturing you blinking owlishly at the keyboard, hunting and pecking and backspacing. That’s when I know I’ve had a bit too much, when I type “earll now, tha’ts a biit yoo mucg” and have to carefully do it over …

    And hurray for you with the new job and all! I don’t think I’d said congratulations yet.

  3. Kav,
    I am absurdly moved for some reason.Must be the hormones.

  4. As above minus the hormones of course. Just..just something in my eye. Chin up old chap…

  5. Sorry nothing to say, I just like to see my name up on the recent comment thingy.

  6. At the time you were writing this I was opening another bottle of Middleton. Last nigh it was a good idea but this morning as I was getting ready for work i new the error of my thinking. But hey its only a half day and i am off tomorrow.

    enjoy your weekend. Is it a bank holiday in Scotland because of May day ?

  7. Morning has broken, and my pockets are £50 lighter, but I’m not too bad, hangover-wise.

    Stupid drunk me. I did not only tell two people. More like five. I waited til all the managers had left though. Still, what a fuckin eejit. Also, loads of people kept insinuating that I’d be leaving soon, without me saying a word, which became kind of annoying.

    Great night. That last bit I wrote in the post, well, I wouldn’t have written it if I’d been sober. Last night became a case of the lads saying “ah go on, stay out, pay £40 for a taxi home” versus me thinking of something I swore I would do. Before Jack, Linzi had a miscarriage, and the baby would’ve been one this weekend (well, on Mayday, to be exact). We have a small tree, to remember. What we don’t have is a place for the tree. I have to get things sorted this weekend so that Linzi can have a place in the garden to sit, when she wants to. I wouldn’t be able to do that if I was crippled with a hangover.

    I must not yet be fully right in the head to be saying all this. Fuck it, I’m leaving it up.

    MacD, it could well be a bank holiday, for all I know. I don’t even pay attention anymore because I always work them.

  8. you are just the nicest bloke, even if you are a still drunk and a complete plonker sometimes.

  9. Wonder if I should go into the interview today drunk … ?

    Fair play to you for writing that last sentence, too.

    And if you really want to make a spectacular exit, jump into your manager’s office on Monday morning and do a song-and-dance while handing in your resignation.
    That way you’ll be remembered.

  10. So you had to tell someone. Was it obsession. I too have an obsession with spelling because I’m terrible at spelling…. I mean, I can spell but some days I just get it all wrong.
    So I guess you were sad about something and said fuck the social event I’m going home.
    I’m probably totally out of the field, but you must admit the post is a little obscure.
    Y:-) Paddy

  11. Not sad at all Paddy. Drunk as a monkey is what I was. I was talking about priorities, I suppose, and my family being my main one. Getting pissed with the lads is somewhere further down the list.

  12. Good for you for having your priorities straight. I don’t understand the “lad” mentality of grown men who value a pint over their families.

  13. Aw that’s so sweet. And poignant. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  14. You’ll find time/space for the tree. 🙂

    It was only a matter of time before you leaked the secret. When is your last day? Will you have to move?

  15. Brave man, Kav. And brave woman Linzi no less. Brave in so many ways, you both.

  16. I think it’s best to come out slowly. Don’t worry, those two people will tell two people and soon everyone will know and then you can live life without the guilt and shame.

  17. Feckin love you I do

  18. God, Kav … you’re so boring! Priorities, priorities! When did you become a schoolmarm?


    Wanna deck me?

  19. When Maggie miscarried 10 years and a couple of weeks ago, I carved a piece of sandstone, which we take from place to place.

    Still, to put it all into perspective – thank fuck you’re not going to Birmingham after all!

  20. S’true. In Birmingham you’d be just a short hop away from me, which would lead to many more lost evenings.

  21. Medbh: Welcome to you. Tis all about moderation, innit? If I couldn’t do it now and then I’d grow resentful, likewise if I did it too much, she’d grow resentful.
    Aisling: Cheers. I did.
    Summer: No, I won’t need to move, and haven’t finalised my last day yet…expect it will be early June, at the rate I’m going.
    Sneezy: Thanks. Clueless might be a better word though 🙂
    Twenty: I felt so much better knowing they knew. I felt like I’d been living a lie for so long. Today I wore spandex to work and nobody batted an eyelid, and that’s when I knew that all my worries were in my head.
    Pinkie: Does your love extend to sending free sweets?
    Blarneyman: Not at all. I think I became like this right around the time Erin was born. Kids do that, whether you want them to or not!
    Kim: Cool, what did you carve it into? Did you carve a small rock from a much larger rock?
    badgerpater: For some reason I had pegged you as being in London. Thank god you set me right. Thank god.

  22. I knew you’d tell, Kav!!!!
    Not too bad though.
    Glad you left in the last line – part of you-ness. Keep the priorities right, it’s so easy to get way-laid.

  23. Oh, I’m sorry. It took me a while to figure out what you meant but… yeah.

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