Attention: Bloggers who truncate their feeds

April 30, 2007 at 4:31 pm | Posted in bloggers, blogging, truncating blog feeds | 31 Comments

It’s annoying. Don’t do it. It doesn’t attract me to your blog, it just pisses me off. I’ve got time to scroll down through my feed reader, but (usually) I do not have time to click over to your site. I know you probably think truncating your post is a good incentive to attract readers to your site and increase hits, but I’m busy, so it doesn’t work. It just irks me slightly and then I skip on to the next post, and, sadly, yours goes unread.

Unless it’s something really interesting.

If you do insist on truncating, can you not set it to show the first 400 words or something? That way it will show the whole lot of most normal posts. Feedburner can do this for you.

Those of you reading this and wondering what the fuck I’m going on about, go about your business. There’s nothing to see here. Proper post below, though I say that with a mouthful of sarcasm.



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  1. Yeah, it’s a pain in the hole. I just delete them and don’t visit their sites. That’ll teach them a lesson although I do check back every often to see if …

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  2. Do I truncate my feeds? I have no clue. How do I untruncate them if I do? I just post the shit and hope for the best.

  3. It’s funny when blogging first hit it big, all the ‘experts’ were saying to truncate. Lately, they’ve been changing their tune and are recommend people put the entire post in the feed. At least that way it has a chance of being read is my thinking.

    Yeah, hits are fun to count, but isn’t the reason why you are writing a blog is to have people read what you are writing on your blog? Try to puncture THAT logic.

  4. Hear fucking hear.

  5. I’m not even sure anybody reads my fucking blog, except for one page – I questioned what the plural of faux pas is, and it seems half the world wants to know the answer to that as well.
    So as for this Feedburner thing, I have not a fucking clue. But I couldn’t think of anything to comment on the ‘proper’ post, so I slapped one in here instead. Yay!

  6. I think it’s more fun to comment on the blogs that I’m not even remotely following. It’s adds some much needed spice to my life. And hopefully, some to theirs. There’s too much mild salsa in the world, you know?

  7. What does a truncated feed look like? What does truncate mean?

  8. […] Kav hits the nail on the head: Attention: Bloggers who truncate their feeds […]

  9. Agreed Kav. If the wilful truncators are reading this then know I’m another non-click-througher.

    A site I started reading 18 months ago switched from full feeds to truncated a few months ago, and I’ve only been over to visit once since – when I commented on a single-paragraph post.

    Other than that all I know now is how her days start – usually well, and who wants to read about things going well?

  10. I don’t know if I even have a feed to my blog.

  11. Blarneyman you do. You currently have two feeds available on your blog. The RSS one has just the headings readable, and the Atom feed has the beginning of each post truncated like Kav is talking about.

    Head to your settings and there’s a tab there saying ‘Site Feed’. Down aways there should be a optional box labelled “Allow Blog Feed” – switch that from “short” to “Full”, re-publish, and then your Atom Feed is hunky dory.

    You won’t have to do anything else, people who want your feed will be able to do what they do and be happy.

  12. Totally agree with you, and I’ve supplied a full feed for all my blogs except for about 3 days when I truncated one of them. I felt guilty and changed it back.

    A few weeks back I cleared out my feedreader of all the photoblogs that only display thumbnail images in their feeds.
    One of the only partial feed I have left in Bloglines is Head Rambles and I rarely bother visiting any more unless something really catches my eye that I will blog later.

  13. Oops. Point taken.

    The only reason I statred truncating was that i often change my posts. I often post something a bit embarrassing at 1am, then come down at 7am and wipe it all off. The RSS feed retains all the awful truth.

    But yes, I can see how it’s a bit of a pain, so I will make them all complete now.

  14. I questioned what the plural of faux pas is, and it seems half the world wants to know the answer to that as

    I was only wondering about that last night. Did you ever get a definitive answer?

  15. Cool. Thanks Eolai!

  16. I didn’t know I had, but I’ve corrected it now. Is there any way of finding out how many people read your feed?

  17. Feedburner is probably your best bet Kim. Follow the instructions there to burn a feed. Place that in your code. Then if you have your own domain redirect your existing feed(s) to your feedburner one and the stats it gives you are for everyone and everything that reads your feed.

    If you don’t own your own domain you could still burn a feed at feedburner and slap that in place of whatever your default feed is at blogspot for example. The feeds can co-exist but the stats at feedburner would ignore your other feed.

    Other things you can do is sign up for the likes of Bloglines – and subscribe to your own feed (it’s just clicking buttons when asked) and Bloglines will tell you how many people are subscribed by that service – which typically is in the region of 40% of your feed readers these days – Google being the biggest through its reader and its personalization service.

  18. Twenty – I have no idea. I suspect it is the plural itself, one of those phrases which is both its plural and singular.
    But I could be wrong. It’s happened before.

  19. Fauxes Pases?

    I always hated the phrase ‘passers-by’. Even though it makes sense it just annoys the shit out of me.

  20. What does mine look like? I just started using bloglines recently so I think I know what you’re talking about, but how can you tell what your own feed is like?

  21. Um, sorry, I have just read the comments and now I get it.

  22. Badgerdaddy & Twenty – I reckon faux pas is both singular and plural. Just like trousers which is/are singular at the top and plural at the bottom.

  23. You have way too much time on your hands, Twenty.

  24. I’ve always hated the word ‘chungy’ which was a word for chewing gum when I was a kid. Oh, and ‘banoffee’, as in the pie. I fucking hate that word. Why not ‘Tanana’, that’s a much better word.

  25. This is amazing. I’m filled with joy and nausea to see you all helping each other out. If only the rest of the world were as charitable as the virtual one.

  26. OK, am converted. Have changed my RSS feed. Will be interesting to see whether my stats suddenly plummet [gulp].

    As for faux pas, surely it should actually be faut pas (or whatever the singular of faux is), and everyone is just getting it wrong? There are other examples of French phrases which have found their way into the English language and are habitually pluralised incorrectly, but I can’t think of one off the top of my head.

  27. Clare, welcome. If your stats do take a dive, you can keep tabs on who’s reading you via your feed using the tips in the comments above.

    As for the French thing, seems that for faux pas, it’s spelt the same but pronounced differently. Those crazy frogs.

  28. “spelt the same but pronounced differently”

    Hmmm, are you sure? How is it pronounced differently? I am sceptical. I’m going to ask a French person.

    (I used to be pretty fluent in French, but it was a while ago)

  29. I must come clean and admit that this info was gleaned from the internet by googling “plural of faux pas”. It’s on the internet though, so it must be true.

  30. I hadn’t a clue if I did this so I went into feedburner as Eolai said. I subscribed to my own blog in Bloglines and all I get is titles even though I clicked ‘Full’ feed in my own settings and in theirs? I’m confused? (I couldn’t find anything in Bloglines FAQ, and they don’t seem to have a query e-mail address?)

  31. Aisling, give it a while to kick in – it can take a couple of hours to refresh. Try it later today.

    If it’s still like that, it’s probably because the feed itself truncates the post. Try and use another version of your feed. (I’m just guessing here, I’m really no expert on this stuff)

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