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some day she'll stop looking at me like this

Erin’s on a daddy trip these days, which is great for me. “Who made the world?” Linzi asks her.

“Daddy”, she replies. And so it goes.

“Who do you love?”


“Who else do you love?”


“And who else?”

“Um, the telly.”

Poor Linzi’s not getting a look in. It goes in cycles like this, temporary favourites. Next week it’ll be her again.

That photo was taken a couple of weeks ago, while I was working in the back garden. Not a great photo, but just look at the way she’s looking at me. And to think, some day I’m going to fuck her head up and she’ll probably hate my guts. Best to enjoy this while it lasts.

Oh yeah, the contract arrived. Thank jeebus for that, I was starting to get worried. A few bits and pieces I’m challenging means I probably won’t be able to say anything until Monday. After that, I promise to shut the hell up about it and try to post something amusing.

Now, to compose that resignation letter…

Have a good weekend. May the fourth be with you.



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  1. Oh those curls, she’s just gorgeous! You probably won’t mess her up at all, some of us girls love our Dad’s that much forever, no matter what! Aw.
    Well done on the contract, now you can enjoy the weekend!

  2. FIRST!!

    Aww. That is all.

    Have a good weekend.


  4. Lovely, my boy’s just a little bit older and I still get those smiles – though he is more reticent nowadays and being so daddytastic in public. At home though, it certainly fills up your ego. Bless – it will only last such a short time – enjoy. And well doen on the cotnract.

    BTW – That 5 grand never arrived.

  5. Dear lord, between Devin, John Mc, and now you, All I ask is that people WARN fatcats that cute photos of adorably cute children are going to be posted.
    Now I must go off and do something unspeakably mean to the bigger of the cats to redress the cosmos.

  6. Oh and muchio congrats on the contract-natch. (isn’t saying ‘natch; just so creepy and smug? I’m going to say it all day)

  7. May the fourth be with you also.

    Congratulations on the contract. I would have said something about the tool belt, but with your adorable daughter in the picture, it would be wrong.

  8. She is so cute. I love those curls.

  9. “May the fourth be with you.”

  10. Um… I also drew a little loveheart thingy underneath that but apparently your blonk doesn’t accept crappy emoticon rubbish.

  11. The wee’un’s cute.

    Hey, how much for the belt and the tools? They look like a good second-hand buy.

  12. Aw, shucks, she a little cutie!

    Our regular Saturday morning ritual involves Aoife and I doing the weekly shop. She’s not started talking yet, but as I push the trolley around Tesco, she’s singing “Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da”, which I naturally interpret as “Daddy.”

  13. Oooh she’s a cutie.Keep up the good work there and I don’t mean anything contract related.

    Good luck with the resignation letter.I’ve had mine,undated,in my desk since the day I started the current job.

  14. My Electra Complex lasted well into my early teens, so you may have a good decade of adoration ahead of you…fingers crossed. Congrats on the new contract and good luck with the good-byes.

  15. Beautiful! Just beautiful!

  16. […] now that i’m a man of leisure i’ve not much to say for myself. So in the same spirit as Kav and Hangar i’m going to enter Liam in the cute baby […]

  17. Oh those cheeks!!

  18. When I taught preschool, all the children loved me more than their parents. And I can’t blame them…I’m fantastic. However…sometimes the parents would get jealous and their malicious animal magnatism would cause me to get colds. Kids are cute.

  19. Pictures of wee ‘uns like that almost make me want to see what kind of DNA stew the Spouse and I might produce. Almost.

    Damn, she’s beautiful.

  20. Your daughter is beautiful.
    Kids are so cute when they’re young. The only problem is they eventually turn into…..TEENAGERS!!!
    This is a particularly wonderful time when you as a parent come to realize why your parents hair turned grey or completely fell out. Teenagers are wonderful creatures who know every thing there is or will be to learn and are convinced the only reason you were born was to place undue restrictions on them. Ahhh the joy of parenting. Enjoy these halcyon days of yours because there will come a day when said child wakes up one morning and realizes they are 14 and have garnered more than enough intelligence to run the world. That is when this parenting thing gets really fun!

  21. I see I didn’t get a mention either.

    “who is the bestest Blogger?”

    “Old Knudsen”

  22. nice tool belt, you tool

  23. I cannot believe someone posted exactly what I was gonna say. cant even swear as theres kids about…. Have a good weekend

  24. Kav–

    She is just adorable. I never had kids, and photos like that remind me what I missed out on. I’m very jealous.

  25. I like the way you chucked on a tool belt and posed beside some wood to make it appear that you actually do stuff.

  26. Nice one. I’m off to get legless.
    Y:-) Paddy

  27. Brian – not all teenagers are ignorant, moody, all knowing, alcoholic, rebellious, alternative …

    Enjoy her youth while it lasts, Kav, and make sure she keeps that afro.

  28. You lucky bastard. A new job, a beautiful little girl and your very own tool belt. I only have the yard and the little girl, I probably wouldn’t use the tool belt much. It’s effin amazing to be adored by your kids. We have a lot to be grateful for.

  29. You’re safe. Daddies and daughters are always good. It’s the mom/daughter, dad/son combos that cause all the trouble. Different expectations, and all that.

  30. Don’t worry, 25 years from now she’ll be cursing you in her thereapy sessions no matter what you do…

  31. The bit of tutu netting poking from your toolbelt spoils the handyman image, I’d say. Only kidding. I think Matt may need one of those. I may need one of those. Not necessarily to do any work, you understand, but to look as if we could.

    Your daughter is gorgeous and that photo is forcing my biological clock to tick louder in case I’ve been missing its message. What’s that? I can barely hear you!

  32. My daughter thinks she despises me as she’s spent too much time with her sassenach ‘real’ family, but what they don’t know, and what she’ll realise come 12-13 years is that I’m the most fun. We don’t build anything together, but the other day I taught her how to shoplift. It was choice cuts mate, choice cuts.

  33. Aisling: Every parent does something to screw their child up, no matter what they do. It’s part of the job description.
    blarneyman: Don’t be so angry, you should be in great form, after your news.
    Sid, too right. I still find it odd when you make a genuine comment, like getting ham when you expect cheese.
    FMC: I’ll try to remember to do an alert next time pictures are present. Cheers, I just handed in my notice. I didn’t realise how tense I was about it until I had the chance to relax.
    Sassy: Thanks. Just as well you didn’t say anything about the tool belt – that guy already thinks he’s so fucking hot.
    Debbie: That she is. She gets the curls from her very curly mother.
    Annie: It’s the thought that counts. 😉
    Sneezy: Though their monetary value is low, I couldn’t part with them, for sentimental reasons.
    Gerry, Jack’s going through that very stage at the moment. I’m convinced he’s saying my name, no matter what anyone says about the “da” sound being the easiest sound for babies to make.
    Devin: You mean it isn’t going well? I’m a bit confused now, I thought this was something you were really into?
    whyioughtta: Thanks. A decade sounds reasonable. No wait, that means she’d only be 12 when she started hating me. Can I have two decades?
    Sam: Cheers!

  34. derfen: He’s a handsome young lad, to be sure to be sure.
    Lela: I know. I want to eat them.
    Kara: Since last November, at least one person in my house has been sick every fucking day. Colds, coughs, flus, ear infections, conjunctivitis, vomiting, PMT, you name it, they’ve had it. Everyone except me. It’s so annoying. I live with a bunch of wusses.
    Andraste: Ta. Does that mean if I post more pictures, you might be persuaded…?
    brian: I remember going through a phase of “nobody understands how deep and sensitive I am” as a teenager. Now, I look back cringe at my pretentiousness – as if nobody could ever understand what it was like before me – but back then I was a misunderstood angst-riddled self-pity reveller.
    knudsen: She might live to be 100, and it’ll still be too soon to expose her to you.
    cantona: I’m getting more and more convinced that I know you in the real world. You sound just like some friends of mine. The fuckin eejits.
    manuel: Do you do house calls? Linzi and I can’t get a babysitter and we’re dying to go out for something to eat. We tip well…mostly.
    John: Thank you. Do you foresee having them in future?
    Niolk: You think that’s posed? Wait til I show you some of my fashion work.
    Paddy: I hope you had one for me.
    Dario: We will, there’s no plans to get her hair cut for a long time yet.
    Eddie: True mang, true. Simple things and all that.
    Slim: You sparked a discussion between L and I last night about this. It’s a good point, and seems to carry some weight.
    Kim: That’s what I’m trying to accept – there’s no point fighting it!
    Melissa: That’s a bag of screws, honest! God, maybe I shouldn’t post any more child photos, sounds like I’m compelling you lot to have sex, and lord knows we can’t have that.
    Jagd: I can’t understand why Linzi gives out to me for teaching Erin bare-knuckle boxing. It’s a vital skill for the playground.

  35. A song for Erin from Daddy

  36. Can’t see that at work Angie. I’ll check it out later. I hope it’s disgusting.

  37. She’s is so adorable. One day those beautiful eyes are going to look straight at you and say “I love you Daddy. Can I have a pony?”

  38. Ah, now I see it. Definitely a bag of screws.

    And perish the thought! We need no encouragement. 🙂

  39. Marika: As long as she gets a piebald, I don’t mind. That way we can sell him to the tinkers when she gets bored of him.

    Melissa: Heh, you said screw.

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