Easiest. Resignation. Ever.

May 7, 2007 at 8:59 am | Posted in jobs | 12 Comments

Small talk last Friday, right before I finish work:

“You leaving at half four?”


“Right. Picking up the new car?”



There’s a brittle pane of silence between us, cracked with tension. Not that anyone notices besides me. Still, I’m compelled to shatter it, before I break myself. I swallow, take a breath, and listen to someone else’s voice say

“Listen, I have a bit of an announcement.”

“Oh aye? When?”


“When are you leaving? That’s your announcement, isn’t it?”

“Well, am…yes. Four weeks today. First of June.”

“Oh right. Well, congratulations.”


So that was easy – he already knew. Or at least he suspected enough to not be surprised when he was told.




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  1. FIRST!

    Now I can’t think of anything smart to say. Ah, bollix this!

  2. Turning in my resignation has always felt like breaking up with a girlfriend. Racked with guilt and wanting to soften the blow somehow (coz i’m such a desirable fella y’know).

    Come to think of it, i’ve probably resigned from jobs more times then i’ve initiated relationship break-ups.

    “It’s not you, it’s me ! “

  3. Love it when that happens but with a twinge of wishing they were more upset. Watch out for the “ah it’d be a huge help if you could stay an extra week” shite.

  4. Sneezy: That’s okay. The main thing is that you were first.
    derfen: Good analogy, and I’m the same. Girls, why were they made so awkward to manage? Thank god my boss wasn’t a woman. That would be a double whammy.
    conor: I don’t mind, they’ve been saying for months “we know we’re going to lose you”. It’s become a self-fulfilling prophecy as far as they’re concerned. And I’m leaving on the first of June, nae arguments!

  5. Congratulations!

  6. I tried resigning once, but my boss was the biggest c**t ever about it.

    That’s the problem when you’re self-employed

  7. Big up to ya, and about time too. Nice work. So to speak.

  8. So do you have any sick leave/holiday time coming to you? I’d use the lot of it and dance,I said dance,out the door in a Hawai’in shirt clutching a bottle of rum.

  9. they don’t sound upset to see you go……just saying like….

  10. Sassy: Thankee ma’am.

    Kim: Heh, was it a long argument?

    badger: Cheers, I know – ’twas a big relief.

    Devin: It’s my birthday this weekend, so I’ve got Friday/Monday off. After that I have a day and a half to take me to the end of June. Not too bad.

    Aisling: They are very upset – it’s just my manager’s rather blasé about things, and I have been telling them for about the last six months that I am not happy. They’ve seen it coming for a while, so they’ve had time to prepare for it. They are in a major panic now though because it’s very hard to recruit for what I do – typically it takes a company between four and six months to hire for what I do, and that’s time they cannot afford to lose in the current environment.

    That said, they’ve already come out and admitted that there is no way they can compete with the salary/benefits I’m getting in the new place, so they’ve no choice but to let me go.

    It’s definitely amicable though – there are no bridges being burned.

  11. Maybe he reads your blog

  12. neil, welcome along. He doesn’t. I’d have been fired (or at the very least, disciplined) long before now if that was the case.

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