May 17, 2007 at 11:12 am | Posted in regrettable postage | 36 Comments

When I wrote that post, I was kind of in two minds about it, and reading the first comment sealed the deal, so I took it down. It probably would come back to haunt me.

Curses, now I have meetings for the rest of the day and no time to post anything else. Talk amongst yourselves.



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  1. Good move, I reckon.

  2. Cheers Twenty.

  3. I concur.

  4. With me? Awww. It’s great we’ve made up, Blarney!

  5. Ahh, ok it was a little weird but if you can’t be honest on the blog what’s the point!

    Although Eolai did warn me that you can find posts even when removed – shittttttttt

  6. I never fell out with you. I just didn’t agree with you … your readers took it upon themselves to protect their mighty twenty and defend your honour by slandering my good (pseudo) name.

  7. Actually I completely missed this one, but click, click, click, and there it was. So now I’m in the club, and I’m laughing but I have a couple of other strange emotions going on, kind of uncomfortable ones. And yet, I’m still laughing.

    I reckon you know what you’re doing – by removing the post – and wnyway who do you have to answer to – us?

    I getting ready to write a post today I may regret later, but some tossers (no disrespect) just piss you off no end.

  8. Now that you have deleted it, anyone that might have been just vaguely interested will now really, really want to read it.

    Anyway, I have a copy saved in my RSS reader, which I will keep for future blackmail purposes. Mwuhahahahahah!

  9. Yeah, wish there was some way of removing it from RSS and that, but there isn’t. Fuck it. Just have to move on.

  10. I dunno Kav, I don’t think it’s such a big deal. I did it on a bus once. Maybe you should make it a “meme”.

  11. You dirty hussey!

  12. I never fell out with you. I just didn’t agree with you … your readers took it upon themselves to protect their mighty twenty and defend your honour by slandering my good (pseudo) name.

    I know, I’m just making ze leetle joke. I had a look at your blog too. You must have had a great time at that sheep brothel.

  13. They never complain about being too rough, Twenty. They love to be rammed. Geddit! Rammed! Sheep ram! Oh what do ewe know!

  14. Kav yesterday I was just about to post pictures of our dog’s penis and Mr. M told me to re-think it. The boy’s been obsessively licking his penis so that all the hair and some skin is darkened from it. It’s gross.
    I figured it would be in bad taste so I deleted it.
    I like being casual about blogging but not everything gets posted.

  15. Awww what did I miss ??? Goddamn time difference …….

  16. Um, just for the record, I wasn’t defending anyone. I just saw the opportunity to take the piss and took it.

  17. Hello, so what shall we chat about Kav. Hey Jav, Annie’s pretending to be confused by your post deletion services

  18. Well, I missed it. No harm done here.

  19. I think it’s just a cheap trick to keep us coming back here every hour or two just in case we miss something

  20. For what it’s worth Kav I read the post and while I understand why you took it down let me reassure you that it was very funny and brilliantly written (as always). I feel special that I’m one of the few who had a chance to read it.

  21. Langer. Missed it. Come one Kav, as a loyal reader I demand to see it! How bad can it be 🙂

  22. ahhh…. this blows; I want to read it…

  23. Mother fucker. Dude! If you take something down, just take it down. Don’t write a whole post telling us that you took it down! It’s unkind.

    I’ll give the first person to email me the post my collection of small plastic animals on my desk.

    Ready… Set… GO!

  24. Well, I don’t feel special. Dammit! I miss all the good stuff. I blame the girlfriend, if it hadn’t been her birthday I would have been looking up blogs to avoid work.
    You wait ’til I see her…

  25. I don’t know what’s happening here, but I have a sudden desire to find an adult and tell them that I’ve lost my mommy.

  26. I’m with Eolaí, Conor et al – I was laughing the whole way through. Especially the bit about [censored].

  27. You absolute bollix!How can you do this to us? to us kav?. that…….I see.
    Pssssst….if you email it to me I’ll not tell a soul.

  28. Jeez, what the hell could it have been? I never get to read blogs until evening time.

  29. The post was just a very funny childhood memory, more or less. I can see how the subject matter might have offended some of Kav’s more sensitive readers, like Twenty, but I reckon the majority of us would’ve just laughed and gotten over it pretty quickly.

  30. It wasn’t offensive at all. It just might not be the sort of a thing a man starting a new job might want on the public record, or something.

  31. So by all accounts it was funny and brilliant and “wasn’t offensive at all” but I’m all agog to know what I missed for the sole reason I missed it and everyone’s talking about it.

    Damn these 8 interfering timezones between here and there!

  32. Sorry everyone, I won’t be posting it here, however if you really want to read it, mail me and as long as I know who you are, I’ll send it.

  33. I cannie find your email address, but. Your contact Me bit gives me a Not Found Error 404 message. You flipping have to email it to me cos it’s me burfday!

  34. And I’m a right nosy moo too.

  35. Email address is now fixed Sam – it’s in the sidebar, near the top.

  36. Oh, and is it really your birthday, or was that just blackmail? Happy birthday, just in case.

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