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May 21, 2007 at 9:57 am | Posted in charity, family | 29 Comments

You might recall me posting back in February that Linzi is doing the Race for Life in aid of Cancer Research. The run is this Thursday, and she’s not only met her £200 target, she’s exceeded it, and is currently sitting with £277 sponsorship. We’re hoping she’ll be able to bring this up to at least £300, so here I am out begging to my readers. If you’ve got even two or three quid to spare, think how good you’ll feel about yourself knowing it’s going to a worthy cause like this.

If you are willing to sponsor her, go here. There’s a short sign-up page (there are boxes to tick/untick so you won’t get spammed), but overall it takes no more than five minutes, from start to finish, to donate. Thanks.



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  1. Right so. But I’ll remember you the next time I’m fundraising for the Brewer’s Droop Research Fund.

  2. Thanks very much everyone. Linzi is absolutely delighted.

  3. OK now that you have the money ( not from me cause I’m poor and unemployed ) do we get a proper post now?

  4. Amazing how so few responses today?

  5. It’s not exactly a conversation-inciting post Sid.

    Flirty, I’m desperately trying to think of something. Any ideas?

  6. Let’s auction Flirty. We’ll do it on the sly. She won’t notice until it’s too late.

  7. Kav I have an AIB Maestro card and they asking me for fucking numbers I’ve never heard of. There’s about thirty numbers on this card.

    I still want to give money though, so is there any chance I could do it by bank transfer?

  8. And you could post about humourous incidents while cooking turket at Christmas. This one time …

  9. Writer’s block is a killer, Kav.
    I feel your pain.
    Good luck to Linzi.

  10. Hey, I am incited to converse by this post. Well done Kav

  11. Great going Linzi! (I’ sorry my donation is so cheap, Kav)

    Can Linzi do a post on the weirdos she saw while running?

  12. Hah ha, your cunning plan won’t work, I’m back!

    What was the last bid? Actually scratch that, I don’t want to know.

  13. I’ll sponsor you later, when I get back from dinner. I ran the Belfast marathon for motor neuron disease, so good on you Linzi. Gold stars too, for both of you. I’ll add you later.

  14. £50k, Flirty. That’s about €70k in real money. Sorry, but you are going to have to host a virtual dinner party for the highest bidder – which was Old Knudsen by the way – so dress nice.

    Hold on, he might have said 70yrs. What was the second highest bid again?

  15. Kav how do I donate…to Linzi’s thing ..I don’t want to but flirty..beautiful though I’m sure she is and much as I like her..I just don’t like her in that way.

  16. sorry that was supposed to read BUY Flirty

  17. Do you want dirty American money?

  18. I’ll add to the coffers when I get hold of his credit card. I don’t have one in date. Huzzah, well done Mrs Kav!

  19. I saw this post earlier and thought I better not comment on it seems I’m blatantly not going to donate. I mean, I’d like to and everything but I’m only working part-time and it would look bad on my spreadsheets etc.

    Sorry, but good luck Linzi anyway.

  20. … thought I better not comment …

    Was that before or after you finished writing?

  21. Our Canadian dollar is called a “Loonie.”

    That should give you an indication of what it’s worth.

  22. good luck to the missus!

  23. Good luck now Linzi (Being married to Kav I’m sure you hear that a lot!)

  24. Best of luck to Linzi. It’s a good thing she’s doing.

  25. Wow, over £400 raised now! Great effort!

  26. Sneezy: Sounds good to me. She’ll never cop on to that plan. Shall we start the bidding at, hmmm, ten dollars? No, too low. Ten BILLION dollars.
    Dario: Sorry mang, I haven’t a clue how to do it except on that site. You could always post me over a brown envelope and I’d ensure it got into the right hands…
    Medbh: Thanks. I don’t know what I’ll do once I have to work again.
    Sid: Good man.
    jali: Thank you very much – everything helps.
    flirty: Oh crap sneezy, she’s on to us.
    little miss manuel: Welcome along, and thanks, that’s much appreciated.
    sneezy: Knudsen won? Holy crap flirty, you’ll never be the same again.
    is it: If you click on that link it gives you a link to donate. You need a debit or credit card, and that’s it, I think.
    sassy: If you’re able to afford it – no pressure on anyone.
    FMC: Thanks very much.
    Annie: Not at all, perfectly understandable. Any words of encouragement are gratefully received at this point.
    MJ: Cool name. Irish coinage among some is called yo-yos.
    savannah: Thanks very much, and welcome.
    Devin: Heh, she does. Thanks so much.
    sam: Cheers, she’s pretty nervous about it, having never done anything like this before. She’ll be grand.
    badgerdaddy: Unbelievable. I’m stuptified.

  27. […] May 22, 2007 at 1:03 pm | In charity, family | I can’t believe the response from my begging yesterday – over £130 has been contributed by you lot to Linzi’s fund for the Race for Life. This […]

  28. Was that before or after you finished writing?
    The operative word being “earlier”, Dario. Obviously when I clicked back later on I changed my mind and commented after all.

  29. Fuck…I just realised it was Sterling.Bollix anyway……..just kidding.

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