What to do, what to do.

June 1, 2007 at 9:46 am | Posted in fun at work, jobs | 22 Comments

Lads, I feel a bit sick.

The other day, I read an announcement online that my new company is restructuring to the tune of 500 redundancies over the next three years, and they are going to be outsourcing their entire IT and back office support to a third party. Hang on a sec, I thought: I work in IT.

That evening, I received a phone call from my future boss saying “Just to let you know, you won’t be working for Company X” (the company who I went for interview with).

Pause for effect. A nugget of poo escapes and rolls down my leg.

“As of August, you’ll be working with Company Y, who are taking on all the IT-related support for Company X. Terms and conditions will be the same.”

And so forth. A biteen nerve-racking, but I have seen it happen before. There’s a risk, but I’m in kind of a niche area, so hopefully I’ll be safe. Think positive.

Then, this morning, the department director comes up to me and gives me the oul pitch to try to make me stay here. Asks me why I’m leaving, asks me to stay, and so forth. Then he goes on to say that in his experience (which is extensive), these things always fuck over a lot of people, and it’s usually last in, first out. That’s gonna be you Kav! he informed me gleefully.

Okay, it’s a transparent effort at making me reconsider my options, but still. I feel sick.

There’s always tonight though. Many beverages will be consumed. And I brought in cakes for everyone, which I’m doing my best to consume single-handed. Have a good weekend, nephews.



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  1. Hmmm. Tricky one. Been in that situation once before too, and it worked out OK. Got bought out 3 or 4 times, restructured, reorganised, terms and conditions apply. Being in a niche area worked out.

    But it’s scarey as fuck.

    And haven’t you been wanting to leave the old company for ages.

    Don’t change you mind.

  2. Hmmm. Tricky one. Been in that situation once before too, and it worked out OK. Got bought out 3 or 4 times, restructured, reorganised, terms and conditions apply. Being in a niche area worked out.

    But it’s scarey as fuck.

    And haven’t you been wanting to leave the old company for ages.

    Don’t change your mind.

  3. I say take the plunge Kav..nothing ventured nothing gained..its more experience and shows you’re willing to take a bit of a chnace…unless the old place offered you a bundle of extra cash and benefits to stay.Do it!

  4. AM: Yeah, I’m just going to have to ride it out. I’ve had several bastards people taking the piss out of me about it, but sure you’ll have that. I’ll just have to keep one eye on the market.
    AM: Yeah, I’m just going to have to ride it out. I’ve had several bastards people taking the piss out of me about it, but sure you’ll have that. I’ll just have to keep one eye on the market.
    Is it: No turning back now, that’s for sure. I told the guy today if he could match my salary and give me a new role, I’d consider staying, but there’s no way he can do it.

  5. I would be a bit pissed off the new company did not mention something during your interview, I mean this must have been in the planning for some time. Anyway I would not stay in old company unless loads of cash came your way and a change of position.

    If they just kept you in the same position then the good feeling of extra money would soon wear off. Take the new job and sure if it all goes up shit creek you can set up your own company and be an outsource consultant.

    Enjoy the drinks and try this in your speach.
    I enjoyed working with you all half as much as you enjoyed working with me and twice as much as I enjoy working with my self.

  6. As the Hothouse Flowers sang …

    Don’t stay
    Just leave ‘ere now, now, now
    While the sun smiles
    Bugger off and laugh a while

  7. Kav, you’ve already done all your thinking about leaving. Trust yourself.

    This X and Y business is irrelevant – if it had stayed X and X there’s nothing to say X wouldn’t go belly up on you somehow anyway.

    You’ve done your thinking – don’t go factoring in a new future now; you never knew what it held anyway.

    Cakes and beer – enjoy them. I might eat food today in your honour.

  8. It’s pretty shitty for your boss to try to shake your confidence like that and shows that you made the right decision to leave.
    Have fun after work and be safe.
    Toast to your future!

  9. Shoot. I don’t know what to do, but your old company seemed to be driving you bats, so I’d still work for Company Y. But that’s just me, and I make stupid job decisions. Don’t listen to me.

  10. Go for the new job. You’re in a rut where you are, and I wouldn’t be inspired by the fact that your boss waited till the last day. Feck ’em. You’ll be fine in the restructuring, the more experience you can get the stronger your CV at the end of the day…

  11. Not to be mean but there is nothing you can do. The majority of the time once you have given notice, even if you do accept a counter offer, there is a doubt cast on your loyalty which tends to hamper you moving forward. Stay in touch with your old colleagues because you know IT is a small field but don’t ever think of what if’s.

    Worst case scenario the development with the new company does give you fodder to switch jobs again if you don’t like the new role ie “I was sold a bill of goods but before I even started this is what happened !” No harm done to your resume. Dust off, move forward.

    Cheesy approach by the new company though. Bank the raise differential as Murphy’s Law savings purely out of paranoia and go enjoy yourself. This might be the best job ever, who the hell knows?

  12. If you ever decide to go self employed, talk to me. I’ve a wealth of experience in that department and can give you the low down on the benefits and the dangers. You live less than 100 miles from me so it would be easy enough to get together for a chat.

  13. What was the one liner in the speech?

    Good for you – we HAVE to make changes and that means taking risks. Imagine being stuck where you were for a few more years.

    A photo of the phot thing would be helpful.

    You’ll be fine.

  14. I went from a company that paid for all my benefits to being bought by a company that collects and sells people’s private info in the form of lists…and no benefits. I’ve felt sick for two years now. Good luck with the new gig. May it support all your vices.

  15. the department director sounds a right cunt, hes scared because his job sucks, its his job to not hurt people not yers, if he likes you so much you can always get yer job back.

  16. It’s a case of “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.” If the new job falls through, it’s still not going to look bad on your next CV, as it wasn’t your fault. Besides, you’re gorgeous, who’s going to fire a face like that? Start bringing the spouse and spawn ’round to the new office for the sympathy vote, as they are damn cute too, and you are all set.

  17. It’s a bit of a pain in the hole, but you can’t go against the flow now. If you stayed, you’d spend the rest of your life wondering.

  18. if you stayed they would own you forever.

  19. hyperbole? me?

  20. Fucking hell, I go away for a few days and you write a tone of epic posts.

    I always miss the action and fun. Never mind that I could have thought up something totally shit for your leaving speech.

    Love the present they got you, that’s a brilliant idea.

    Erm… As for the grown-up stuff, well, I don’t know. Does sound a bit shit though.

    And congratulations to your other half. That’s brilliant work.

  21. I’m still relatively new to the whole working thing. So I can’t really comment on what to do.

    But I HAVE to say (nice, controlled, rationally. Not screaming at the top of my lungs from sheer frustration) that I HATE manipulative bosses. My supervisor is a manipulative fuck and right now I hate him for it. He pulled shit like that on me when I went for a job interview. I was umm-ing and ahh-ing over whether I really wanted to go, but I did the interview anyway. I didn’t get the job but his attitude to it made me want to leave.

  22. MacD: They knew about it but weren’t allowed to say anything due to being a listed company, or some shit like that.
    Sneezy: They were singing that to me on Friday (with the real words).
    Eolaí: Thanks, that’s kinda how I decided to look on it. No use worrying over it, no job in IT is secure these days.
    Medbh: Yeah, he was kind of a dick to me all day on Friday. Oh well, no more of that.
    Sassy: That’s what I’m gonna do, even if it is a stupid decision.
    Caro: Very true. All done now.
    EGW: Yeah, even if I did decide to stay, I know myself I’d have one eye on the job sites all the time. I had to go.
    Kim: Thanks. I’ve considered consultancy, but I’m only 28, would like at least another 5 years under my belt before that.
    jali: Crap, I can’t even remember the one-liner thing now. Something self-deprecating, as usual.
    kara: Thanks. I suppose all I can do is give it a go.
    knudsen: Yeah, I’ve been told I’d be welcome back, so there is that. The director guy is actually alright, but his people skills are a bit blunted.
    slim: Yeah, as long as I can blame someone else, I’ll be sorted. Now, to get Jack’s bag packed for tomorrow morning…
    bock: True words. No way I could stay wondering what if.
    manuel: Well, until I found another job, anyway.
    badgerdaddy: Thanks. Ah, it’ll sort itself out. I hope.
    phishez: It must be an insecurity thing. I know he’s shitting himself about his own position in the company, so maybe that’s rubbing off in his behaviour.

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