I are one.

June 14, 2007 at 12:47 am | Posted in blog birthday | 58 Comments

Yes I know I'm not one in this photo but it's the oldest picture I could find.

The more astute among you will have noticed my old Blogger profile says I joined Blogspot in May 2005. Doubtless you’ll have spent entire weekends pondering why I didn’t post a word until June 2006.

What, you never noticed this? Christ, you really aren’t obsessed enough with me at all, are you?

Today is my first birthday, a full year of typing cack on this blog. 256 posts. 4169 comments. All those words, and yet sometimes I think that the silent gap between my registration date and my first post says more about me than all the other crap put together. Then I remember that’s not true, because silence says fuck all, and only smelly hippies and the elderly think otherwise.

Where was I? Oh yeah. Writing this post. Hmmm…well.

This blog has helped me remember how to write. I used to write a fair bit, miserable know-it-all teenage shite, and then BAJAW, nothing for almost seven years. Seven years is a long time. You have to learn how to go without stabilisers all over again.

Thank you to everyone who’s ever commented here. Comments are a great thing. The interactivity of this jazz is what makes it so addictive. Sometimes when I haven’t been arsed, it’s thinking of the funny shit people will say if I post such-and-such a story that makes me get on with it.

So cheers, everyone. If I was closer I’d let you have the honour of buying me a celebratory pint, but since you can’t do that, why don’t you just leave a comment? Ladies are also welcome to email me pictures of your breasts or arse, whichever you consider the better feature.



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  1. Happy Blog Birthday!!! Love you.

  2. I’ll put a candle in a Irish Whiskey Chocolate Fondant cake for you. I’ll eat it for you too. Well done big lad. Keep up the good work and all that. I have hairy man tits, you wanna a photo of those?

  3. Happy Birthday Kav.

  4. As I’m new here I’ll forgo the breast or arse pic and just leave a nice comment. I’ll also have another glass of wine in honor of your blogday. Cheers Kav.

  5. Sending birthday congratulations across the Pond on wing-ed…uh…wings.

  6. Happy Blog Birthday! Have emailed photo of my tits. Hope you like them. HHave fallen over twice trying to take a photo of my arse so you will have to do without!
    Looking forward to your next year of blogging.

  7. I downloaded this from the intermesh. It’s a lovely arse. Or maybe it’s tits resting on a tabletop. Anyway I hope you like it.


  8. Happy Birthday Kav..your card (with required T&A) is in the (e)mail.Heh.

  9. Nice one Kav, although a relative newcomer to your blog I admire your your no-holds barred approach to telling it like it is! Keep up the good work, celebratory Swiss pint in the post as we speak.

  10. Happy blog birthday kav.

  11. Happy blogiversary, and many more!

  12. I’d give you the birthday bumps, but you’re a fat bastard.

  13. congrats! waiting for dimples to fade before photographing arse.

  14. Happy bloggy birthday dear and many happy returns..you looked funny when you were a kid..still do…*laughs*

  15. and long may you continue – Love your blog!

  16. You’re a funny guy, Kav. The ‘sensitive new man not afraid to be a big fucking girl’ schtick can get a bit much, but you are a funny, funny guy.

    Congrats, and keep it up.

  17. Good on ya matey. Keep em coming.

  18. No easy task, and we’ve enjoyed growing with you. Congrats.

  19. Happy Blogday Kav!

  20. Kav – look at ya, ya little bollix – unfortunately we’ll never be as obsessed with you as you are. However, there’s a nice bottle of Taittinger here, and a fine cigar. I’ll think of you as I enjoy them.

  21. Kav , I prefered your blog during the Quiet period. Happy birthday and keep it up. Of course you can always decide to go silent again just to see what its like.

  22. happy birthday. keep up the hilarious posts. i like your photo…only a child of the 70s coudl have been put in a jumper like that … or of the 80s with really old handmedowns!!

  23. Happy Blogday Kav! May your next 12 months be even more enjoyable than the last 🙂

  24. Big Birthday hug, your blog always brightens up my day, hope you can return to daily service soon!

  25. Happy birthday to the blog! I look forward to reading Year Two.

  26. I want to see the First Holy Communion picture, that’s what I want
    Happy Anniversary (‘)(‘)

  27. Happy Anniversary!

  28. God, were you a foxy, freckled fecker, Kav, or was that the way the light was shining on your head???
    Lá breithe faoi mhaise dhuit!

  29. Trampampoline! Or at least a bouncy fucking castle? What? non? NON? Cheapskate.

  30. I feel so much pressure to comment that I have nothing to say. Oh my…gawd…

    (Kav needs our comments to keep going – I can’t let everyone down, but I’m at a loss – what to do,what to do, what to do? Shit!): this was my thinking to myself section.


    Happy blogday!

  31. No comment.

    Wait. Shit. Nevermind.

  32. Thanks a lot everyone. I hope I make it to two. Hopefully once this work saga settles itself, I’ll be in a bit more of a routine.

    I went for the transfer, by the way.

  33. Happy Blog Birthday!

  34. Congrats Kav,

    Should we expect more tantrums now that the terrible twos approach.

    Also congrats on the job decision, I’m sure it’s a weight of your shoulders.

    BTW. Thats the last time I give you free advice!

    Just kidding 🙂

  35. Congrats Kav,

    Should we expect more tantrums now that the terrible twos approach.

    Also congrats on the job decision, I’m sure it’s a weight of your shoulders.

    BTW. Thats the last time I give you free advice!

    Just kidding 🙂 I will continue, like some boring old fart, to offer useless unsolicited advice. I’m practicing for when my kids are older.

  36. yer on wordpress now so that means you started over again, Ka-chow! feel the bitterness.

  37. Oh Kav, I’d send you a piccyture, but everybody who’s been at my blog lately has seen my breasts, so a pic of those isn’t special.

    And you don’t want to see a pic of my arse.

  38. Arra musha! Congratulations! Keep up the good work! I like! High five!

  39. Anihappyversary Kav!

    My breasts can be found here: http://www.microkitten.com/string-bikini.asp

    Seriously, that’s seriously me. Serious. I’m on a seaside beach in central Manitoba. Would I lie to you?

  40. Good stuff Kav. No stopping you now.

  41. congratz! 🙂

  42. I am late for the party it seems. Ya see this is what happens when I am trying to ween off you Kav. You’re still posting, but in fits and starts, much like the final throes of a Grannies heart as she draws her final breaths. I don’t want to prolong the grief.

  43. Happy Blogiversary, Kav.
    I’ll toast you this evening.
    Keep up the excellent posts!

  44. congrats…on the blogaversay and the transfer…i’m a day late, but it’s friday, so happy hour over at the local will be in your honor…2 for 1, sugar! cheers!

  45. Congratulations!! I am happy to send you pics of my T&A if you send me back some of your T&A…otherwise I don’t get anything out of it. Okay? 😉

  46. You are making up for your earlier lack of posting lately. Happy Birthday. I bought you a bottle of Vladivar and drank it in your honour. The party was great until I threw my ring up in the bed.

  47. Happy anniversary. Birthday. Whatever it is.

    Enjoy, and I hope you get at least one game of Twister in at the party.

  48. Congratulations topper harley! I will drink something to your honor later on.

  49. Congratumalations! If it’s your achievement, aren’t we the ones supposed to be buying you beer? 4000 odd comments you say? You could be mofo sloshed for a very long time, tiger.

    As an alternate WOULD send you a photo of my boobs, but FHM put a blanket copyright out years ago and they’ve had to stay disappointingly swathed in latex ever since. Sorry!

  50. To Kav’s cack!

    *raises pint in Kav’s general direction*

  51. Thanks again everyone. The tit for tat lad deal sounds fair to me. Consider it done.

  52. Hurrah, happy blonkday Kav. I never realised you were a freckle-face.

  53. Happy Birthday!

  54. Thankee, ladies.

  55. I like being really late to the party. I dutifully flash you from across the pond.

  56. Bugger. Late again.

  57. Well done Kav, I am also late, I was born late what can I do? Congratulations!

  58. Thanks folks. The party’s always on here. It’s mental. Mental I tell you.

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