I’ve been busy, honest.

June 28, 2007 at 10:07 pm | Posted in family, poo, scutter, work | 33 Comments

Doing this, to be exact:

wreck of a kitchen

shit pipe

Every waking minute outside of work (and playing the Xbox), I’ve been tearing the house apart. All so that some day soon, we have one of these downstairs:

faeces extractor

I had to put my hand into some poo to connect up a pipe the other day. I meant to take a photo of it, but Linzi wouldn’t let me hold the camera while I had shit on my hands.

Once the toilet’s done, I have to put in a new kitchen. The fun never stops. Ara sure, it’ll all be worth it once it’s done, everyone keeps saying. They never offer to help though, the bastards.



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  1. Good luck with the new loo! We spent a year and half building ours during which our loo had no door. Not pleasant. You look to be making great tracks there.

  2. Looks like the set of Hostel 2.

  3. Oh hello. I nearly forgot about you.

  4. Jeebus, that’s a fucking huge project.
    It must feel so rewarding to be that handy and take over renovations. You don’t have to worry about strange builders around the house.
    Good man, Kav.

  5. Welcome to my world, my parents house ie: the one I grew up in was a never ending project, they moved in (before I was born) when there was no roof on, it was summer and it was only for a few days, but still, they only recently got curtains in ALL the rooms, we were not poor or anything, just my Dad wanted to do it all himself, and now 31 years after they bought it, its finally finished, think yourself lucky, the poo on the hand made me laugh loudly a lot, I hope I didn’t wake the neighbours!

  6. While I (genuninely) applaud the DIY aspect of it all, I am slightly put out by this post. Looking at these pictures I feel like I have just reached the commercial break in a shoddy RTE reality makeover show. And I’m not particularly fond of those shows sir. Not at all.

    However, this is no fault of yours and I wish you a speedy conclusion to your plumbing endeavours. I shall carry on battling my own pedantic demons… Bastards.

  7. Here at the Drumm base we say “Pshaw!” to yer kangoing and suchlike. We say “Puphut!” to yer suburban waterworks. We say, “Show us a photo of yer builder’s crack,” and we’ll see the real cut of yer jib!

    …and may there be no leaks…

  8. The second photo could be captioned,

    “And here’s where I layed some pipe.”

    (Or do you not have that phrase over there?)

  9. How have you survived all this time without a loo and a kitchen in your house?

  10. Hand in poo eh?…you’ve just gone up another ten points on the good boy scale…you also gone on my list of people NEVER to shake hands with.Fair play to you Kav.

  11. You DIY guys, with your hammers and screwdrivers and crap covered hands.

    As soon as this one is done, you’ll just kick the shit out of some other rooom and the endless cycle of destruction/remodeling will continue.

    Could you not just let your house imperceptibly crumble around you? Think of all the extra time you could spend making me laugh.

    Or playing Xbox, i suppose.

  12. “doing this to be exact”

    Then I look at the first picture and seen that chair, the instruments of torture and the cable. I thought you had joined some weird fetish cult.

  13. Looks good Kav, except I notice the sewerage pipe is on top of the floorboards, making it more likely that people will trip over them. it might be better to put them underneath.

  14. Poor Linzi must be having a nervous breakdown.

  15. And to think, people ask me why I rent instead of buying. ‘It’s throwing money away,’ they say.

    Well, this is why. In a nutshell. Respect to you for doing it. Thankfully, SLF is many times more handy than me. She’s probably more use in a fight as well.

  16. Fair play to you toots, that’s a heck of a job to be taking on( and completing with aplomb).

  17. Good work! I can only hope that Linzi is playing your flute on a regular basis in exchange for you having your hand down the crapper and various other unpleasant DIY activities.

  18. can ya work overseas, sugar?

  19. Well I hope you scrubbed your fingernails afterwards. Silly me – I thought it was going to be another pus post.

  20. Ya big eejit ya! Linzi’ll want every bleddy room re-done now. Your drinking time is gone, mate. Gone.

  21. Fair enough, you look damn busy. Nothing like having the place torn up, is there?

    The towel over the oven handle gives the kitchen a real domestic look.

  22. Sorry, Boss. That other comment was meant to go here.

  23. Good work, Kav! We’ve done lots of jobíns here also – not one offer of help either! Ah well, we won’t have to help them either now – they don’t think like that though for some mysterious reason. It’s like the babysitting – none of my brothers babysat for me, but they see nowt wrong with landing me with their sprogs now!!!!

  24. Ick. You had your hands in poo? Did you at least wear gloves?

    Good luck with the new throne.

  25. What? You’ve been spending all this time wrecking your house? Give it up, it’s a lost cause. Just leave it like it is and blog more. I’m sure Linzi won’t mind.

  26. That looks like my house after I’ev had a special tidy up.

  27. All i could think was Fred Wests house…

  28. You’re such a manly Bog trotter/installer.

    Fred West’s hoose hahahaha only the best.

  29. Please thank Lindsay for disallowing the bog-posting, for that I am eternally grateful.

  30. … a whole weekend passes… this is getting serious. Let’s see, the floor has to be completely re-done, there’s bound to be major tiling and painting. There’ll be wiring ‘issues’. As to the kitchen… same difference, especially if there’s ‘services’ to be moved. Major stress with two small kids in the house. So, Kav, good luck, and expect to hear from you in August.

  31. The floor is back down, and I have a working waste pipe. Sockets are wired, power cables are laid for the garage, walls are plastered and PVA’d, ceiling is painted. Things are going alright, but there’s a ways to go yet.

    It doesn’t help that I’m pissing off to Newcastle for three days to get shitfaced. I can’t wait…

  32. Ah, you’re earning brownie points (boom boom) so you can go over the border to el paso on the lash for three days. Good man, I like your style.

  33. I hope you remembered to take the sealing off the toilet before anyone used it?

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