The importance of acting normal

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In light of all the shite that’s going on recently, I’ve been having a bit of a think about things. What I’m doing over here, where would be best to raise the kids, those kinds of things. We’ve talked a lot about moving home over the past few weeks, even before this latest terrorist cock-up happened.

The only thing holding us back is the several hundred thousand Euro we need to buy a property in Galway. Can anyone spot me?

Since your blogs are banned for me at work, the BBC website is now my only friend. Reading the Have Your Say section on the situation, the general consensus among UK citizens seems to be “I say old chap, you’re more likely to be killed crossing the street than you are to be blown up by terrorists. Just live your life as normal.”

Fair enough. If we succumb to terror, they’ve won, and all that bollocks. Good old British stiff upper lad lip. I’m not sure how to “live as normal” though. Given the media saturation, you can’t help but have the attack colour your outlook on things. Is it a coincidence that until now Scotland’s been untouched, yet the very week a Scot becomes Prime Minister, this happens?

Frankly I think people who say it’s not impacting them in the slightest are either full of shit or are a biteen delusional. The fact that they have to crow about how they are completely unaffected by terrorism, on a message board about terrorism, well, face it lads, if it wasn’t affecting us, there would be no message board. There would be no discussion.

Today, as I trudged typical through Monday morning, I passed this Asian-looking lad standing at the boot of his car. There was a gas cylinder and cardboard boxes of…something, in the boot. The car was parked outside a culturally significant building in Glasgow city centre. A week ago, I would not have glanced twice at this. This morning, I took his reg and reported him to the police. Was it that repeated-to-the point-of-nonsensifying word, vigilance, or was it plain old first-drag-of-a-joint-since-college paranoia? I still don’t know. What swung it for me was the thought that if something did happen and I’d not said anything, it’d plague me. Guilt, y’know. We Irish are brilliant at it.

Of course, right now, rather than feeling the guilt of saying nothing, I’m feeling the guilt of causing some likely-innocent chap to endure a shitload of harrassment from the police, predicated on nothing more than him being Asian and having a gas canister in his boot. The ability to wrangle guilt out of any given situation no matter what decision you make takes years of Catholic dogma to achieve, and should only be carried out by professionals in a controlled environment. Do not try this at home.

People keep making that reference: “you know, you’re more likely to be knocked down by a bus”, and so forth. What the fuck that has to do with the price of bacon, I don’t know. One thing is an accident, the other is a bunch of mental cunts intent on killing anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their fucked-up ideology. And that, seemingly, includes most Muslims.

Honestly lads, it was enough to make me pack my bags and move home, until I remembered that statistically, I’m 30,000 times more likely to be beaten to death by horrible stinky knackers in Galway than I am to be killed in a terrorist attack in Glasgow.

So what would you have done today? Reported it, or said nothing? In all seriousness, I do feel a bit foolish for doing it, but I don’t regret it.

I’ll tell you what too, the police cop I gave my statement to was a bit of alright. She was giving me the eye bigtime, but I gave it back – it was all sticky with eye-juice. Ugh. Still, I might give her a call and see if she’s free this weekend – I’ve got a stag weekend down in Newcastle that she’d be welcome to “bust”. Heh.



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  1. You were right, Kav. I would’ve done the same, and felt the same afterwards too.
    As for moving home to Galway? Well, come home before the kids are too much older is my only bit of advice. I was 13 when we moved back and I hated it. A year earlier and I would have loved it. 13 was the twilight zone for me!! Also consider this – after 12 and the kids will get an exemption from Irish BUT (as I found out) most 3rd level courses required Irish. So, after 1st year through to 4th year being exempted from Irish, I had to get my skates on and learn Irish in one year – the year of the L.Cert!!

  2. Everything should be reported, no matter how minor, as long as the cop is cute.

  3. Well Kav welcome to the world of wondering were the next one will be. Its actually been queit here in Beirut for over a week which is always worring and while there is also more chance of me being killed in a car crash here it does not make the worry of a bomb any less. But in saying all that we still live life to the full and enjoy it as the alternative is as you said packing up and moving home.And were not ready to do that yet , Maybe another two years.
    On the reporting of the suspicious car well your always better to be safe than sorry but If the guy was white would you have been as worried? or would you stop and ask? Anyway keep reporting once you remember an Irish accent in London used to be all you needed for you to be a suspected bomber but 99.9% of us were not.

  4. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, but in the current climate you did what you thought was right and that must count for something.

  5. MacDara’s right about that particular Irish irony, and there are others. You’re an immigrant while the threat in Britain is internal to a large extent, if fomented from abroad.

    You were right to report it. A good while back, visiting in an apartment complex in Dublin, I saw a couple of dark-skinned lads cleaning a car. Forensically cleaning a car, inside and out, in a place where they would not be easily observed. I thought it was well odd, and I wondered about it. Still do, from time to time. But I had nothing to tell anyone, had I?

    Not all houses here cost half a squillion. Lots of value to be found in the west but not in the city/bigger town suburbs. If you’re prepared to do some of the renovation work and have a bit of a commute you can get a bargain.

  6. Self-fulfilling prophesy. If you’re going to call them horrible and stinky of course they’re going to kill you. Plus there’s the divil you know element e.g. if you saw some of our handsome, sweetly scented travelling brethren with some boxes and gas cylinders in the boot of their car, you’d know that they weren’t a terrorist threat, just some barbecue thieves!

  7. The only thing holding us back is the several hundred thousand Euro we need to buy a property in Galway. Can anyone spot me?

    You’ll take a check, right?

    So what would you have done today? Reported it, or said nothing?

    I would have reported it. If it was me, and I was out there doing something perfectly innocent, like reshuffling the propane cylinder that had shifted in my trunk, and the police came round because somebody had reported me, I wouldn’t be resentful. I’d be thankful that someone was smart enough not only to spot and notice such a thing, and report it to the police. I’d feel safer, actually, knowing that people had their eye out for things, you know? If I’m innocent, I have nothing to hide, so why should I be bothered? Yeah, it sucks that it’s racially based, but it’s still a suspicious circumstance. Better safe than sorry.

  8. Come on home Kav, the motherland of imperial oppression is no place for your legacy to be rooted. And about the house price thing, you can take consolation from the fact that the whole feckin country’s in the same boat, but the wages and work aint bad at all.

    I have a 2 yr old and I think ‘all the shite’ and its consequences would be all the excuse i needed to get the feck out of dodgeshire.
    Good luck mo chara,

    Kav eile.

  9. You did right Kav – tough situation but then you would have been devastated had it turned out to have been something and you did nothing. any other guilt you’ll get over soon enough. After nine years away I am also contemplating a return but that’s another story with many other issues! Stay well.

  10. You did what You believed to be right. You have to be true to your instincts.

    Can’t say fairer than that

  11. Absolutely the right decision Kav…If he has nothing to hide he’ll be fine and if he has well then you’ve saved damage to life or property.
    Innocent people don’t really mind a little hassle.

  12. I actually thought of you over the weekend when this came in on the news. I was working in Manhattan on 9/11. I didn’t get home till the following day. I lived in NJ then and couldn’t get off the island. Bizarre, bizarre day. Now, as for normal —My commuter bus originated in the town that 4 of the plane hijackers lived, huge Muslim spot and the last town before going express to NYC was an Orthodox Jewish enclave. I lived in the middle (a DMZ of a sort:) I was convinced that someday one of the Muslims would hijack the bus to rid us of some Jewish guys in the Lincoln tunnel. I had my phone programmed to mute key so I could dial 911 if needed. Now how paranoid is that????
    When our company transferred here to CT though I felt like I was betraying the city. I’m not kidding I really did. And I’m no overly-mothered, emotional American. I’m a GAA loving farmer’s daughter.
    Now I live where my kids can cycle round on the street, we leave the keys in our parked cars in town and in our driveways etc. Whenever anyone comes from Ireland they start locking my doors, bringing in the bikes from the yard etc etc so I am not sure it would be a better move for us to bring home our kids. Also not a hope in hell you’d get me home with that medical system. Kids on waiting lists for critical lifesaving heart surgery?????WTF ? That’s state sponsored murder
    sore point with me

  13. I don’t know that I’ve ever lived in a country where people with nothing to hide always end up just fine. Sadly, innocent people in times of fear can receive quite a lot of hassle, sometimes even 16 years.

    But if he does get treated badly by the authorities that’s not your doing Kav, just like if he was up to no good that wouldn’t have been your fault either. You can only do so much, and if you mean well, you mean well.

  14. Racism? Check. Busybodiness? Check. Desperate need for approval of the coffee circle? You betcha.

    You’re Irish, alright, but I think you may also be a mammy.

    I intend jocularity. I’d have done the same and been proud.

    And come home, Kav, the country needs your type.

  15. Bt telling police you were just being a good citizen. What if something had happened? You couldn’t live with yourself.
    I was on a flight once not long after 9/11 going to Vegas with Mr. M for a conference. There was a black bag sitting in the aisle before take off and I grabbed a flight attendant without wating a moment. People were freaking out. What was it? When some guy came out of the bathroom and acted offended I told him he was an asshole and should be booted off the plane. Who is unaware of “no unattended baggage”? Wanker.

  16. You did the right thing. I was on the tram here in San Francisco a week back. There was this incredibly fidgety, and nervous looking Middle Eastern guy sitting near me. He was constantly looking at this cell phone. I began arguing with myself about whether I should do something, when a few stops later, a tall black American dude got on, and the Middle Eastern guy greeted him. From there conversation I gathered that he had been waiting for him and was worried that he had got on the wrong train. Innocent enough. Then he took of his jacket, and he defo didn’t have an explosives under it!

  17. I was on a flight to NYC a while ago and there was a conservative Muslim couple a few rows up. There were 3 seats on their side of the aisle, but they didn’t sit next to each other for some reason.

    Moreover, they kept bending forward and to the side, fidgeting, etc. I was getting really nervous. ‘Are they saying final prayers to Allah?’ ‘Are they working up the courage to complete their mission?’ All kinds of awful thoughts went through my head.

    When the plane landed I was deeply relieved–I hadn’t realized how stressed I was. I walked by them when exiting.

    Their little boy was sitting in the middle seat between them.

    I took a hard look at myself after that. Here’s what I concluded: yes, my nervousness was justified AND yes, they were victims of racism. But not exactly victims of me.

    They’re victims of the people who do these awful things, thereby slapping this nightmarish label on innocent people who happen to share their religion. If I were Muslim, I’d be absolutely furious at terrorists for that.

    Just a few rambling thoughts…to say I think many of us have been in the same impossible situation. What can you do? You do what you think is right.

  18. I think that you were dead right to report the guy for the reason given above, what if you hadn’t done anything, and something had happened, how bad would you have felt then. As for paranoia, I am the queen of it, I live in Dublin, about 2 mins walk from the British Embassy (the new one after the onld one was burnt down during a supposed peaceful protest yonks ago, anyway, after the London bombings a couple of years ago there was LOADS of security there (well for Ireland anyway you know yourself, just more cops and unmarked cars etc) and I was cacking myself the whole time just because I live near it, and other embassies, scary shit. They are all around me where I live, always odd characters hanging about them at all hours day and night, and they do intimidate me a tad. Also, the house prices are on the decrease here, I am single, 23, on a normal enough salary and have just been approved for a massive mortgage (well prelimarily approved on the grounds that I save a further 10k for my “downpayment”), there are plenty of gaffs in Dublin going for about 300k with the ones outside going for WAY less, and they are not in shitholes either, it makes me happy that finally I will be able to get my foot on the ladder, yes I may sound old before my time, but for someone who has been renting shared houses for 7 years and dealing with other peoples insane habits, I am in the position to have my own house, and be able to do whatever the fuck I want with it and not have to live in a magnolia painted “haven” of brown furniture and flowery carpets.

  19. I’ll tell you what lads, it was a surreal moment this morning stepping off the train in Central Station. There must’ve been 20 cops patrolling around, including half a dozen armed with machine guns. I shit you not. I’m not talking about handguns, I mean shoulder straps and two handed grip with a clip like a fucking AK-47. I hope they were just a deterrent, but all I could think was fucking hell, if something kicks off, a lot of innocent people are going to be caught in the crossfire.
    I know a lot of you are probably used to cops with guns, but I found it disturbing. I grew up surrounded by a police force whose most dangerous weapon was a wooden truncheon, for fecks sake. And even so, this is Glasgow, not Beirut.
    Good points MacD and everyone else. I didn’t think of it as racist when I did it, but I suppose it was. I won’t apologise for that. I’d rather be a living prejudiced dickhead than a dead politically correct one. Would I have reported him if the guy had been white? I’m not sure. Probably not. The day some white guy decides to blow people up in the name of Islam, I’ll suspect everyone, but for now, I don’t. I know that’s not what should be said, and I’ll probably get a roasting for it, but that’s how I feel. I’d feel the same suspicion of milkmen, taxi drivers, or traffic wardens if it was milkmen, taxi drivers, or traffic wardens doing the bombings. Which probably makes me milkist, taxi-ist and wardenist as well.

  20. Oh and holy crap, another Kav! Welcome Dave, and welcome gimme a minute. I see you’ve started a blog – I’ll try to get a gawk at some point in my three minutes of free time over the next month.

  21. There must’ve been 20 cops patrolling around, including half a dozen armed with machine guns. I shit you not. I’m not talking about handguns, I mean shoulder straps and two handed grip with a clip like a fucking AK-47.

    What, that’s it? My neighbors are better armed than that!

    Just teasing (not about the neighbors, though), it does take some getting used to if you’re not used to it.

    I was well freaked when the SWAT Team came in with dogs and automatic weapons to take down my neighbor across the lawn.

  22. Just check out the people that live near me, there’s a link on my site to the Palestinians living here in Ein-El _hilweh camp.

    Kav while I agree with you that is is currently so called Muslims that are carrying out these attacks its not always a the case. Remember Timoty Mc Veigh Oklahoma? Fundamentalist White Christians are as bad as Fundamentalist Islamic sects.
    Anyway you did what was right under the circumstances , stay safe and there is a site for sale in Clondra on the shannon, .5 arce for 75,000 euro if you do wnat to move back.

  23. Of course you did the right thing. I’d like to think he would’ve reported something himself had he been witness to a situation that looked off.

    Your comment about watching the policemen with the big guns reminded me of the first time we flew after 9/11, and watching the military patrolling around with these giant ass guns. I cried. Innocence lost, but maybe never there to begin with – just a different kind, don’t know.

    Just makes me sad. I remember growing up in a world where you could leave the door unlocked to your house and keys in your car. And now I worry about whether or not I’m flying out on a day when someone will use that airplane as missile.

  24. Report in the paper yesterday that property prices could fall by 50% so hang out another year and you could buy something for £2.50.

  25. While I sympathize with the British people, I thought the UK endured much worse during the 30 year reign of terror imposed by the IRA…

    I suppose that, back then, IRA terrorists with blue eyes was enough to calm everyone down.

  26. First rule of the playground, “Don’t tell tales”. Actually it’s also Sinn Fein’s first rule too….

    Good work lad.No question you did the right thing.

  27. Abu Ameerah, When the IRA were carrying out attacks in Britian or Mainland Europe the majority of Irish condemned them and not just silently but Loudly and often and still Irish people were subject to the same suspicion as Some Muslims are now under.

    Most of us know that Islam dose not promote voilence but it may help if the Majority of Muslims spoke out louder as mostly we hear the minority opinion.And the Minority is for voilence and not just voilence against Infidels Like me but voilence against other muslims that may be less dogmatic about what exactly Mohamad said or didn’t say.

    It may also help if the next time some person says something that annoys Muslims or draws a picture that annoys them , their lives are not threatened or buildings burned and churches attacked.

    By all means tell us that it annoyed you but dont resort to voilence as a first step and when others do come out and condemn them.

  28. MacDara, I don’t see how your points on Muslims in general speaking out against violence would have altered either Kav’s reaction or the fate of the man he saw with the gas cannister. As you said many Irish people spoke out against the IRA, but that didn’t prevent us from experiencing prejudice in Britain – and I mean beyond a little hassle.

  29. Eolai, My point was that Irish people did receive similar treatment, Abu Ameerah( Usually indicates he is the father of Ameerah) was implying that we didn’t and putting down the current situation to basic racisim not a real fear.

    My point on Muslims speaking out was that if he they want to change peoples opinion on Islam then they should be more vocal about condeming voilence when done in the name of Islam.

  30. MacDara, I agree with you about Muslims speaking out. Sometimes the silence is deafening….
    Kav, re the AK47 toting protection – it is weird isn’t it? NYC was like that. Sadly after a few weeks you barely notice them.
    Tracy Morgan on SNL did a skit on racial profiling after 9/11. He’s African American, the usual racially-profiled suspect. In the skit, following 9/11 he was absolutely all for it. Change of perception.

  31. Fair enough MacDara – though I thought Abu Ameerah was saying the opposite.

    I take your point on changing people’s opinion on Islam, but still contend that even if that was successful fear of a general group would remain and with it the reactions to individuals in the group in instances like the one Kav came up against.

  32. We were in shock to hear of this on the news, Kav. Nearly 6 years later, 9/11 still has the impact of us watching anyone who appears to be “one of them” very closely.

    Yes, you can’t live life afraid of them but by even having that shadow of a doubt, they have done what they wanted – instilled fear.

    You did nothing wrong; saving hundreds of lives by one phone call, or aggravating one person in the name of safety. The question always remains – can you sleep tonight with what you did today?


  33. Kav you’re a bloody star! Its like pulling teeth…(I swear I never knew I was computer dislexic until I started blogging)but by degrees (and with a little help)I’m getting there.
    Good luck with the loo mate!

  34. It’s a sad day when we suspect everyone of everything. I have a couple of Middle Eastern friends who had similiar run-ins after September 11th. One of them nearly got beaten up for mentioning Timothy McVeigh (the Oklahoma City Bomber) being white.

    Still, it’s scary, and there’s not much you can do about that.

  35. I don’t agree with you going to the cops about this mate. You gotta be sure about things like these and you definitely should feel guilty about it.

    Do you remember the Harry Stanley case??

    I think you acted out of fear and over exposure to the news. If that bloke caught a load of shit from the cops and was innocent then Its your fault. 2 days after a bombing, I’m sure the peelers are spoiling to whack a muslim.

    As an aside: McDara et al talk about the Muslim community not condemning terrorist violence. I wonder did any one ask them their opinion? or have people simply ignored this

    I grew up in south armagh, coppers with guns are normal for me.

  36. shit I ment

    *Kav: I don’t want to sound like a cunt but, since everyone else is supportive…

  37. I would have tackled the fucker like Smeato and beat a confession out of him.

    Not wanting to promote myself but I did this post about hate on one of my side blogs.

    Right about here

  38. I read somewhere recently that a woman who had worked with the suicide doctor at the Royal Alexandra in Paisley broke down and wept when she heard he was behind the attack on the airport. She thought she should have followed her suspicions before and reported him. I don’t think anyone could really blame her for her decision not to: he was a colleague; Scotland had never been attacked before; he didn’t fit the young, poor, disenfranchised profile of many suicide bombers; but she has a horrible sense in herself she should have done something.

    I think you did the right thing, Kav. It s really better to be safe than sorry, glib thought htat might sound. The risk is the alienation of Muslims who feel targeted because of their faith but I think, especially in Glasgow where Muslims are so well integrated compared to some other places in the UK, most Muslims would look upon the intrusion into their lives as regrettable but necessary.

  39. Oh if asians and brown fellas are going around blowing things up of course yer gonna look twice at them, common sense not racism blame the wogs going boom.

  40. About Muslims not condemning the attacks…..,,30100-1273445,00.html

    some of them are, it probably won’t help the honest to God ordinary Muslim receiving abuse, as the Irish in Britain already know.

    These people may not have had any success with blowing anything up but they have succeeded in creating a lot of fear which is part of what they seem to want, not having any care for the rest of their community or themselves. The more fear they create the more the communities become polarised the more young Muslims get attracted to terrorist groups and there you have it a vicious circle of monumental proportions.

  41. off topic -Was McVeigh a Christian fundamentalist? I thought he was one of the anti-government militia right to bear arms type guys. I also thought he was a lapsed RC. Oklahoma happened when I got here so I wasn’t grasping all the sociological points of it all at that time.
    so many nutters I’ve lost track. ……

  42. Hi…delurking here. I think you had a tough call. But I worry more about the state turning us all into busybodies ready to suspect our neighbours and dob them in. If the guy had been ginger would you have reported?

    I know what you mean about not forgiving yourself if it had been something but don’t you think that’s one of the worst things about the whole business? I’d hate to live in a place where I could trust no-one.

    In fairness I live in a backwater, terrorism doesn’t figure high on our agenda.

    I get pissed off at our government and the media though. I remember watching Richard & Judy (sad I know) one day after the London Bombings and they were promoting the “dob a supected terrorist/or the asian neighbour you don’t like” phone line and I just felt sick.

    I’m with Tim I guess.

    One word.


  43. Kav, you’re great. That’s all.

  44. You know…you wouldn’t have to concern yourself at all about terrorists if you just move to the U.S. The only thing you have to worry about here is whether or not that fucker you just flipped the bird to in the Hummer for cutting you off has a gun. See? No more worries. You’re welcome.

  45. What’s the story you lazy cunt? you posted this more than a week ago! The “I got a new job and need to keep my bib clean” shite is getting old, man. Remember…you have no life. That’s why you started the blog in the first place….This has been a public service announcement (like the one on BBC in the 70’s when the squirrel got knocked down….what was the squirrel’s name? can’t remember)

  46. You are great, and you are missed. Come on, you’re missing all the action.

  47. Come back! Come back!

  48. Everything ok with you, sham?

  49. Please come back, missing your blog loadsssssssss

    Before I go can I ask *cough cough* if you can update my link please.

  50. Kav? Kav? … Kaaav? KAAAAV? KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAV? There’s someone at the door wants to play… are you there?

    Jayz I don’t know what’s got into the boy at all. He used to have friends and now it’s all DIY this, and XBox that…


  51. He got rounded up on suspicion of tunnelling for clandestine reasons. He is right now in some Scottish version of Gitmo…GitMoor, MoreGit or somewhere…..
    That shed of his from months ago, that was dodgy. Storage for what?? And who takes on major house projects AND a new job ??
    round up the usual suspects

  52. I miss Kav. 😦

  53. and blogorrah. Where the hell have they gone?

  54. Come out from behind that curtain, young Kav. I know your shoes.

  55. EashtGalwayWoman, I think the shed, house project and new job just shows that Kav is more than a man. And his lad is no doubt like a normal lad, only much larger.

  56. Hope all is well with you….

  57. I can’t believe we all encouraged him to take that job.

  58. I know, I know. What were we thinking.

    But then he was up to no good with the diy. AND he was heading down south on a ‘stag’. Methinks that may have ended very unhappily. The lad may have got stuck somewhere round Carlisle, if you follow me..

  59. Have ya noticed your number of feed readers keeps getting bigger the more you’re not here? That’s impressive. Anything else getting bigger while you’re not here?

    It is kinda quiet though. Haven’t laughed out loud when reading for ages. Don’t leave it too long – no job is worth that.

  60. Let’s all talk him out of it and into some job that he could tool on the blog quite often. Like customer service …
    On the sly like …
    Any word of his job at all we all need to chorus “well that sounds like shite, I’d leave if I were you !!! Ridiculous !!” etc.
    Not a word now…

  61. Right then…..we all know he has a wedding to attend in Galway next month right? Well there you are.All we have to do is hermetically seal Galway up und ve vill haff him ven he attempts der border crossink mit der schiess papieren.

    Or we could wait for him at the train station in Glasgow,lash the head offa him and roll him up in a carpet for a short flight Wesht to Gowanconnemara Bay.’Tis near Roundstone.

    Who’s with me?

  62. I’m with you Hangar, I’m also idelly placed to organise the ground assault, living in Galway these days as I do…Jesus its either that or a ‘Bring back Kav’ a la blogorrah

  63. I almost said I have a great knowledge of the bog terrain in Easht Galway though you might find that “turn right at the fairy fort” would actually put you in the middle of Deer Run estates or some other pretentiously named set of lego houses.
    Maybe he could open a hardware shop in Glenamaddy. They all shut for lunch there so he could blog,
    there you are, problem solved…

  64. Hello there folks. Thought I should let you know I’m alive and (barely) kicking. Have had a right bastard of a few weeks, which I hope to jot a note about over the next day or two. Thanks for still visiting, I don’t deserve it considering it’s three weeks since I last said a word on here. Hope all is well.

  65. Welcome back, Kav! We were getting worried about ya – It is not nice out there in the real world. I’ve heard terrible things about it.

    Looking forward to your update.

  66. glad you’re still amongst the living, sugar…look forward to your update!

  67. Come back Kav! I need my Kav fix.

  68. Now if you’d told us that you’d broken your neck or some other part of your body that people typically don’t laugh at, we’d all be feeling sick right now – especially after making our comments. I don’t feel too well anyway.

  69. Was worried about extraordinary rendition….

  70. Oh if asians and brown fellas are going around blowing things up of course yer gonna look twice at them, common sense not racism blame the wogs going boom.

    I know I said this on the 6th I just wanted to remind you all.

  71. A ha! I was beginning to suspect that the wife had you boarded up in one of the walls that was under renovation. Glad to see you’re still alive.

  72. Kav who?

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    Это не спам. Не пишите на мой WMID жалобы в арбитраж Вебмани.

  75. I gotta bookmark this site it seems invaluable very beneficial

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