August 20, 2007 at 9:24 pm | Posted in Blogroll | 22 Comments

I’ve been really shit at blogging for a while, and I know that some of you have mailed me or commented about updating your links and such. Me being shit means that I am too lazy to trawl through those comments/mails, so, if any of you wants me to update your link (or add you to the blogroll if you’re new, or whatever), leave a comment in this post and I’ll fix it.

Some time. Probably by the end of 2007.



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  1. It must be catching. I’ve been a lazy twat too. Sorry.
    Why am I apologising?

  2. I’m at
    http://www.theknickerreport. com
    you can change me now.

  3. Ok, don’t click that. Just click my name. Apparently, I can’t type today.

  4. You may link me but only if you really have a horn for my blog.

    Or at least a semi.

  5. I miss you loads and loads and loads. Please come back. You better be writing a book!


  6. What gimmeaminute said. I want no flaccid linking. It’s just improper.

  7. Hey there Kav, hope alls well.Can I assume that since you haven’t mentioned the twin shit (if you’ll pardon the oun) subjects of work and the new downsatirs loo that all is well there?

  8. I’ve been lazy at home. I’ve been writing a book for a loooong time – I haven’t worked on it at all this week. (I keep playing Zuma and Age of Empires).

    I’ll keep stopping by until you post something. Some snacks and left out for visitors would be nice.

  9. Some snacks and DRINKS left out for visitors would be nice.

    I left out a whole word – I must be going nuts.

  10. Hurrah! Back, and firing on all four cylinders. About bleeding time.

  11. jesus! 2 posts in one day….don’t strain yerself!

  12. Can I have a link please? I know I have one but I think mine should be bigger and up at the top, c’mon ya lazy shite don’t make me hurt you.

  13. I wouldn’t really hurt you Kav……..unless you wanted me to.

  14. I’ve missed you Mr Kav, sounds like you’ve lost that bloggy feeling.

  15. Missing you and your stories – come back when you can, please.

    (Not ‘come bacon’ as was originally typed. Though I DO like bacon … forgive me, I’m squittered.)

  16. Kav, where you at, man? Have you flounced off to facebook or something? Tell us you’re alright. One post a week will suffice… as long as it mentions pus, poo, your lad and the occasional horn. And don’t go all ‘mature’ on us, it’s meant to be gradual. As in years, not overnight seriosity.

    Sam’s off the radar, and now Sweary’s taking a break too. You know, if you’re on a break you can still talk to folks, like.

  17. What’s funny is that I thought you had stopped blogging and then realized that the feed I was subscribed to wasn’t working. I just changed that and am getting updates again. Sorry for be absent for so long. Hope things are well.

  18. Feck Kav…you haven’t blogged in a little while and people are so starved for a bit of Kav they’re posting comments on old posts…come back!

  19. Every day I check this blog to see if you’ve written anything new, but alas, nathin as per usual! Write something ya lazy bastid – I need something to read at work!

  20. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  21. Boo. Finally back online to find both you and Sweary AWOL. Come back soon, I miss your wryness. Oh and please link me if you like me. I know I’m English but I’m nice. Honest.

  22. Updates all done folks. Thanks.

    Yeah, Sweary. I miss her. I’ve been very rude too, and not replied to her mail. Must fix that.

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